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unofficial team roster

30 May 2014 - 08:51 AM

Your reporters are always careful that the information they report is accurate.  Yet you allow errors on the team roster to remain.  I would like to see the following corrections:


Alualu - Position changed to DE.  Last season Alualu changed from DT to DE.  It appears he is going to play DE again this year.

Let's change his position to DE. 


Blackmon - Position change to CB.  Yes he is a DB, but he doesn't play S.


Bradfield - Position should be OT.  He has always played OT, last year starting several games at OT.


Brewster - Might as well reflect the current reality and list him as C.


Coleman - His weight is incorrect.  CBSsports has him listed as 315 lbs.  One of your reporters referred to him as 255 lbs. and was immediately corrected by another reporter, saying that the 255 lb. weight has to be incorrect.  So let's fix it.


Evans - Position should be listed as S.  Guy is not listed as a FS.  So why list Evans as a FS?  What we are looking for here is consistency across the board.


Hood - Yes, Hood was a DE at Pittsburgh, but with Jacksonville he is a DT.


Linder - Here we have another consistency issue.  He is listed as a OG while all the other guards are listed as G.  Let's list him as a G, so that when the fans click on the position column, he is listed with the other guards.


Pasztor - Another position change.  He played guard, but last year he started at tackle and he is going to play tackle this year.  So let's update his position to OT.


Shatley - No G weighs 200 lbs.  Let's correct his weight.


Robinson, Denard - Which position room does he meet with - the WR or the RB?  CBSsports has him listed on the RB depth chart.  Let's change his position to RB.


Since when is P O S a bad word?

Jaguars additional signees

10 March 2014 - 09:03 AM

According to CBS.com last Friday the Jaguars also signed


Austin Pasztor, OT

Jordan Todman, RB

Mike Brown, WR

Kerry Taylor, WR.


These were restricted free agents, but the Jaguars retaining them was not by any means guaranteed.  Pasztor, of course, has been announced as a starter at RT.  Some comments were made that Brown is making strides, but almost nothing was said of the other two.  I was wondering if they would keep Todman or go to FA or the draft to replace him.  He is OK as a backup, but hopefully won't be our starter next year.  Kerry Taylor may develop, but probably will not be on the 53 man roster at the start of the season.


At the very least Jaguars.com should have reported these under the transactions tab under team.  Also many team members have the wrong position listed on the unofficial roster at Jaguars.com.  Pasztor is listed as a G.  I think the person responsible should have changed the position after Pasztor began starting at RT.  This portion of the website leaves a lot to be desired.