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In Topic: Depth Chart

Today, 01:38 PM

Reynolds over Watson is interesting.  Hm, alright.

not a surprise to me, Watson was out for a while and Reynolds took advantage, I don't expect it to stay that way though

In Topic: Mallett to the Texans

Today, 01:34 PM

    Even if he doesnt pan out you still got a potential first rounder for a seventh.

you could've got an actual 1st round pick with Gabbert for a 6th round pick, that would've been a steal too, right?


if BOB thought anything of Mallett he would've offered a higher pick months ago so he could've went to camp to compete for a job, this is nothing more than desperation it seems

In Topic: Mallett to the Texans

Today, 11:42 AM

  For a seventh round pick two years from now? Thats a heck of a deal when you have questions at QB.

how is that a heck of a deal when he was gonna get cut anyways?


not saying it was a bad deal for texans but it was hardly a steal

In Topic: Interesting blurb on Tyler Shatley

Today, 11:09 AM

I'd be curious to know what kind of trade chatter they were generating.

hard to imagine another team as desperate as we are in the interior OL, but who knows

In Topic: Mallett to the Texans

Today, 10:04 AM

  You know darn well Belacheat tried to get a trade done months ago.

Bill sat back and waited till Belacheat had no choice but to let him go for what amounts to a ham sandwich.


     Win for Bill.

don't know how much of a win that is, but it does seem that Belichick was probably asking for way too much to start with, and possibly could've got something a little higher back in May


end of day, pretty much just another bad draft pick by Belichick, good thing for him, he still has Brady