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In Topic: My Beef With Leonard Williams

18 December 2014 - 12:45 PM

I do question where he'd fit on our defense.  My biggest concern is with his speed getting off the line.  Not sure if he's hurt or they scheme it that way on their defense but it's so blatant.  I think if that's a non-factor he's a pretty talented guy.

I think he's been playing through injury some this year. What he lacks in getting off the line he makes up with shedding blocks and getting to the ball.


As far as the OP...besides Marks, what talented pass rusher are you worried about taking off the field when you move Williams around? If he's an all around player like Watt, who doesn't want that?

In Topic: EARLY 2015 Mock Draft Rounds 1-3

17 December 2014 - 01:22 PM

while we do have a bunch of promising #2 receivers, I believe the closest thing we have to a #1 is Blackmon which who knows what to think with that. I would be fine with a back here too but I just think Beckham is going to be a beast.

can't see Caldwell taking a character risk that high, only player I can think of that was a slight character risk was Telvin Smith and he was a 5th round pick

In Topic: 2015 draft could "dwarf" 2014's non Sr record

17 December 2014 - 01:01 PM

Since the rookie wage scale started, there's less reason to go back to school to improve draft stock. If you feel like you're a lock to be a day 2 pick at worst, why not declare? You're basically guaranteed to make about 2 million at worst over 4 years.


IMO, the risk of going back to school outweighs any extra $ you would make by being a top pick, especially for skill position players.

In Topic: 2015 Mock Drafts

16 December 2014 - 12:55 PM

Second (35) Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia - In my hunble opinion, he's a steal here. He's fast and I really believe that he's quicker than folks think. Might not have Marshawn Lynch like power, but he has enough. With him and Shoelace, the Backfield is set for a few seasons.


The only thing that concerns me is his injury history, seemed to be banged up quite a bit at Georgia. Other than that, would love the pick, gonna be a very good player if he stays healthy.


Remember last year the team downplayed the selection of QB.  This year they are downplaying the selection of OL.  Makes me wonder.

Gus has talked positively about the OL recently, but I wouldn't call that downplaying taking one, at least not yet. Draft season really hasn't even started yet for them.

In Topic: If Amari Cooper is sitting at our spot...

16 December 2014 - 11:18 AM

Yes, I wasn't really saying draft him particularly, I was saying if you're that high up in the draft, you need to draft an absolute stud, as long as you can play him.   That excludes only quarterback, because I am hoping we have our quarterback.   Drafting at the top of the draft is not for filling needs if it means you would pass over an elite, rare talent, just to get some guy who fills a need you can fill with other means. 


For example, I don't care how good your WR corps is, or how bad your OL is, you don't pass over Calvin Johnson to fill a need at OL.   Even if you already have Larry Fitzgerald and Dez Bryant, and your offensive line stinks, you don't pass over Calvin Johnson.  You use some other means to fix your offensive line. 


So I was just speaking about draft philosophy in general, not about Amari Cooper specifically. 

Yeah that's how I feel too, if Cooper was BAP when we pick I would not have a problem with taking him. You can never have too many playmakers on offense.


That being said, I don't think he will be, there's even some debate on whether he's the best WR in the draft. I think if he drops into the teens, he would be good value there, just like where ODB Jr went last year.