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In Topic: The problem with presidential candidates

Today, 03:45 PM

Watch out what you wish for. I guess you love incumbents. Like they don't have plenty of built in advantages, primarily name recognition.


How is a newcomer to become known other than by spending money? Incumbents love the idea of restricting spending for their opponents. Helps make theirs a lifetime office, which it practically is now anyway.


And I guess free speech should be restricted. Can't wait until a commission (of politicians, no doubt) restricts even further my use of my own money to support whomever I wish. Why don't we just have a House of Lords and get it over with?


Same old same old - my guy is a concerned office seeker; your guy is a tool of the special interests who has been bought.

A lot of people do not see it that way. They see it as money being the reason new people cannot get known and that coupled with the fact that to get the money needed to be known you must sell out. Those politicians are then just as corrupt as the current ones. It's a never ending cycle. 


A newcomer can be known by their ideas and actions. Those should speak louder than tens of millions or more being thrown at trash ads. 


Who is restricting free speech? Not allowing corporations or wealthy individuals to buy the politicians of there choice is not restricting speech. Citizens United is one of the worst rulings ever. 


Elections should be about who has their people's interests in mind when making decision and their ideas for policies. It should not be about who has more money. Publicly funded elections will allow this to thrive.

In Topic: Ferguson Mo. Looting

Today, 12:08 PM

Regardless if you want them armed or not people should be armed and this case in MO is the perfect example. The people depending on the police force and all their might and power, shops burned to the ground, everything gone. The one's that are armed and standing guard to protect their party, left alone.

I agree they should have the right to be armed and I don't begrudge anyone who does own guns. I just don't think everyone should be armed. 

In Topic: Ferguson Mo. Looting

Today, 12:01 PM

Because the incidents of irresponsible use by law abiding, properly trained and permitted firearm owners are rampant?

That's not even close to what I said. I said I don't trust the average american to BE properly trained or safe with fire arms. 

In Topic: The problem with presidential candidates

Today, 11:56 AM

The problem with presidential candidates? 


By the time they get to the point where they're running for the highest office in the land, they've sold their souls to one special interest or another for the sake of getting the financial backing required to wage a national campaign. 


I know there are many here who say we need to get the money out of the electoral process, but it's gotten to the point where that's almost impossible.  The only way to do it would be to publicly fund national elections giving each candidate the same amount of money to work with, and none of the parties would agree to that because elections are big business. 


The way the current system is structured, most people who would make GREAT candidates for the office want nothing to do with it because they have to whore themselves out and expose their lives to the kind of public scrutiny that just isn't worth it. 

There is a movement to do just that. A 28th amendment to the constitution calling for publicly funded elections ad other restrictions on campaign finance. The state level is more receptive to the idea since most of them have not been fully bought yet. Two states have passed resolutions calling for an Article V convention 


As improbable as it is, it's not impossible once the ball gets rolling and it's rocking a little bit.

In Topic: Ferguson Mo. Looting

Today, 11:46 AM

The Average citizen should be armed. Just like the Tattoo store and Country Gun club, they'd be left untouched.


but nope, just militarized the police and let government fix it, that always ends well..........

Sorry but I don't trust the average American to handle a firearm around me safely or properly.