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In Topic: ISIS thread

18 September 2014 - 11:55 AM

Fox News now saying Iran created ISIS, WHAT!?


Their Argument, because Iran backs Assad in Syria they created the vacuum that gave rise to ISIS. Are they just completely ignoring that the rebels who are now ISIS we ARMED to take on Assad?


Sounds like ISIS is going to be the new excuse to launch actions against Iran, even though Iran and ISIS are sworn enemies. What a mess.........

McCain just gave an interview recently regarding the passing of the bill allowing us to arm "moderate Syrian rebels". He was asked can we tell and if so who can tell who the good rebels are and distinguish them from the extremist groups. He replied with "I am and I can. I've been over there, I know them"


Trust McCain he's got the answers. As long as the question is "war?"   :wallbash:

In Topic: Incognito?

18 September 2014 - 10:48 AM

One of the incidents, yelling at a ref, is NOT a big deal. That leaves three, one of which is questionable since the facts were buried in the settlement.


Most employers would fire an employee for a single positive drug test. That's not the NFL.

Right because the NFL is in the business of getting wins. Bring in anyone that can help regardless of how scummy those people are. While you are at it, pay them ridiculous sums of money because they might plug that hole and get you a few more wins.


2 instances is ok... A third is moot because "we don't know".  How many more incidents would you deem as unacceptable?

In Topic: Adrian Peterson indicted for child abuse

18 September 2014 - 10:42 AM

But we've been told that your father is an evil man who abused you by some very intelligent and highly qualified people in this thread. It's almost like your experience doesn't square with their dictates, but surely that can't be possible, for their words are always the very fabric of reality.

Do what now? No body in this thread has said spanking does those things? I think you are taking a very defensive stance and confusing what people are actually saying. 


I don't like spanking. Personally I don't think you should hit a child for any reason. I also won't call the cops on parents for "spanking normally". Nobody is arguing against a parents "right" to spank their child. People are however, supporting whipping and beatings and the use of weapons in this thread. Or using the "it was done to me excuse" My anecdote was only to show that the cycle of violence is not a necessity and that strong fathers can break the cycle and instill a different mentality in their child. 

In Topic: Incognito?

18 September 2014 - 12:48 AM

None of those involved verbal interactions that upset another player. He probably acted the same way with a lot of players before Martin without a problem. So yes, I think it's possible that he didn't realize what he was doing was wrong when he bullied Martin.


As far as your list, most of those are from college.


Since he was drafted in 2005, he has called an official a bad name (big whoop), headbutted a player (bad), and upset poor little Jonathan Martin (a problem). He also had a female accuse him of harassment and settled out of court (we don't know all the facts here, so make of it what you will). That's four incidents in 8 years, only one of which affected a teammate, and it was a teammate who was exceptionally sensitive. The whole 'cancer in the locker room' thing is a huge exaggeration.

Apparently you'd rather have Henne start the next six games rather than take a risk on a former Pro Bowl guard?

4 incidents is not big deal? I would lose my job should my employer find out about one of those (related similarly obviously) and should future employers call them I would never be hired again. Then again, my employer is not in the market of getting wins. 

In Topic: Adrian Peterson indicted for child abuse

18 September 2014 - 12:39 AM

I'm well aware of what peer reviewed means. Not sure what the point of that paragraph was.


I never said spanking is the same as beating/whooping/whipping nor have I supported beating/whooping/whipping. Not sure why you are quoting me on that.

I was pointing out what a peer reviewing was. It's not group think or the like. I was just clarifying it is all.... 


My apologies for linking with you personally due to the quoting the second part was not directed at you and should have been posted in a stand alone comment. I see that now.