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In Topic: This Is Great, $15 an hour leeches

Today, 06:39 PM

Oh, I'm sure that the leftist attacks are going to come.  I don't worry, but wonder how many on the left will take the time to research how little an enlisted man makes in the military.  Justification for those types of people come in the form of "yes but you get "free" healthcare or "free dental".  Their perception of "free" doesn't include being away from your family for several months at a time.  It doesn't include working in a dangerous environment.  People that want to bring that kind of thing up can just KMA as far as I'm concerned.  At least it used to be when I served, if you can't/didn't "walk the walk" then you really shouldn't "talk the talk".

Does this apply to those have never even sniffed being poor a day in their lives criticizing the poor and labeling them moochers or bums or losers?


That aside, this is why we need better and vastly more affordable access to education. The military is not for everyone and a good education is necessary to live the american dream. 

In Topic: Planned Parenthood

Today, 01:10 PM

So it's just a "charade"?  Look at the evidence and justify it.  Calling it a "charade" is just another liberal tactic to attempt to discredit a legitimate problem.  That's what liberals do, attempt to de-legitimize the opposition and if that doesn't work, then attack them personally.

Yup, no conservatives do this. Like ever. Like on this board even. :no:

In Topic: Education Debate - Rubio Vs. Sanders

Today, 12:20 PM

So wait a minute....  let me get this straight.  Eric85 rightly pointed out to you that there is little to no evidence to support your extrapolation (the idea that species morph or evolve into other isolated species over time "macro evolution") and your response is to blindly insult people who disagree with you, name call, and top it all off you blatantly  fundamentally and falsely categorize creation theory?  And you're the person who wants to be in charge of the way information is disseminated in schools?


Before we go any further, there have been people of faith in all of the scientific disciplines before James Darwin was thought about and long after he died.  To fundamentally label everyone who sees providence in a blade of grass as some wacked out flat earther is both insulting and WRONG.  For whatever reason in this strand of conversation its the people most ardently espousing adherence to proven scientific evidence and reason that are the first to resort to name calling and snarky remarks.  Why I don't know but frankly, I expect better!  


You still have yet to acknowledge the simple fact that in reality, evolution is not the opposite of creation.  I have yet to make any case supporting the field of abiogenesis which is essential to any belief in a universe devoid of a creator.  If you have an opinion or evidence that you would like to bring to the conversation i welcome it with open arms, but i would politely ask that you keep the insults and the backhanded compliments to yourself.

Show me where I said anything remotely close to that?


Little to no evidence is wrong. There is plenty of evidence that point to it as a reasonable extrapolation for evolution that occurs over time periods that are not observable to humans, as least not at this point in history. Compare that with creationism and what do you have? Zero, zilch nada. No evidence period.


If that extrapolation makes people uncomfortable or something that is understandable but not the fault or an indictment of the science. 


I, at no point, have said it's the opposite. Where are you getting your nonsense from? What I did say is it is not necessary. 

In Topic: Clinton facing new calls to turn over server after IGs request criminal probe

31 July 2015 - 01:25 PM

I agree, but besides them the only other major news organization reporting on this is FOX News, and it's not really headline material, but it is on their front page.


Here is what CNN is reporting.  It's a story about the Clinton campaign blasting the NYT.


Here is what NBC is reporting regarding this story.  Again the narrative is changed to make the story about the Clinton campaign scolding the NYT for first releasing the story.  It says nothing about the potential breach of classified information.


I could go on, but you probably get the idea.

Oh I wasn't trying to disagree with you. Just pointing out WT is a major outlet and lots of people you would like to know about this read it as a major source. 


It does not surprise me the non FOX networks are barely covering it. None of the major news networks really cover the negative side of the politicians they like. It's so far from journalism it's not even funny. 

In Topic: Clinton facing new calls to turn over server after IGs request criminal probe

31 July 2015 - 12:47 PM

Getting back on topic, one would think that the possibility of hundreds of classified emails are within the emails that Clinton turned over would be headline news on the major media outlets.  Instead, the closest thing related to that story is Clinton scolding the New York Times.

Washington Times isn't a tiny outlet, IMO.