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Today, 03:10 PM

Even DHS who never misses an opportunity to hype up something, said yesterday that there was no credible evidence of an attack being planned.  


I wouldn't be surprised if it was some independent hackers getting their jollies off, Sony has been hacked on and off for like the past couple years, all of a sudden it's North Korea? 

Probably the case. If it were NK they wouldn't be denying any involvement in the hack, IMO


I'm not saying I agree with their decision but it's understandable that they would shy away from it. 

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Today, 02:24 PM

Which raises an interesting issue: how easy will it be in the future to extort a major company with anonymous threats?   This incident seems to be the blueprint. 

To be fair, the majority of the theaters pulled the plug before Sony Pictures did. Sony can still fight back in a way by making it available online. 

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Today, 02:08 PM

Pinning it on NK is probably just the easy thing to do.   Wired did a decent article about there being no actual evidence pointing to NK other than some circumstantial evidence


Regardless I find the leaked Sony email about the MPAA wanting isps to dns block sites that "infringe" on their copyrights, more of an act of terrorism than some hackers releasing a what's certain to be a crappy movie. 

Not that I disagree with DNS blocking being a MAJOR issue but I'm pretty sure the terrorism is in the threats blow up movie theaters across the country. 

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Yesterday, 04:47 PM

right but do you think those people that say only watch Fox or MSNBC and vote strictly on a party lines, you think a large number of them dislike Obama because of his race?


Most of the racist I know don't even vote, much less pay attention. They would say something like oh that (derogatory term) in the white house but they don't vote, they don't even know who their state reps are. They're what I consider the irrelevant class, We could go under complete Communism and they wouldn't know the difference. Same as the hard ghettos, you have the guys in and out of jail all their lives raising thugs they don't know who's there reps or how the system works, just the white man holding them back. It's the same class of people, I tend to think it's a minority in both groups but it's a vocal minority. Maybe I'm wrong, I hope not.

Perhaps you are right. I do not think either side is isolated to just those offshoot groups... I think it runs deeper than either would like to admit. 

In Topic: 5 Most Annoying Things NeoCons Say

Yesterday, 03:22 PM

Well the people you know suck! :lol:


I can say this, the people that I do know (I live and grew up around Florida rednecks) that just hate Obama because he's Black and sounds like a Muslim name, they don't participate in the process. Heck they couldn't name their state reps if you offered them a life time supply of beer.


So when I say it's a small minority I should qualify that as, the people that are actively involved actually vote and pay attention it's a small minority.

Most do suck, main reason I moved to Oregon (also dat beer). 


You and I both know there is a massive amount of people that vote but pay no attention outside of mainstream news like Fox and MSNBC. One of the bigger problems.