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It was a republican plan to begin with. As soon as Obama got on board, they couldn't even consider it. He was naive to think the republicans would actually work with their president but it was a move that would have brought some people from across the aisle together...and of course fix a terribly broken healthcare system and bring healthcare coverage to the millions and millions of the previously uninsured/unisurable.

Eh. IMO that's the good argument they have in not liking it. Romney's plan was good for the state. It falls in lines with them wanting states to have the final say in it. 

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24 July 2014 - 10:49 PM

I tend toward the conservative, but you're really going to break your back trying to convince anyone with a brain that Fox News (yes, their news department) isn't as agenda driven as is NBC.


When you lead off the news 25 straight days with Bengazi, you're trying to make a point. But at least Sheppard Smith doesn't seem to take himself too seriously.


It's pretty simple: Fox News - It's Obama's fault! ABC/NBC/CBS - it's not Obama's fault!


For any of them you pretty much know what you're going to be told before you hear it. I think they're all part of Comedy Central.


None of them are fair or balanced. People that think one or more are just want to hear what they already think. They go about it in different ways. Some ignore events and topics. Some just plain lie and try to insight fervor. 

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24 July 2014 - 01:43 PM

Government does not hold an exclusive when it comes to corruption. 


We are seeing a mass exodus of doctors who are no longer taking Medicaid, and in some instances, they're not accepting new Medicare patients either.  I read a report a couple of months ago that stated that the exodus is so large that something like 45% of doctors are still taking on new Medicare patients.  In some areas, that number is below 30%.  They don't want to deal with the reduced payments and increased paperwork.  It's not worth it.  My friend is in that category.  He's no longer taking on new Medicaid patients.


Income inequality is not something the government can control.  If they could, we wouldn't see that gap growing at the fastest rate in decades under the guise of a president who claims he's focused on fixing that.  In reality, his policies are doing nothing but exacerbating the issues. 

This is true but leaving the main culprits of this unchecked can't be the solution, IMO. I'm not sure what it but I know it's not that

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24 July 2014 - 01:26 PM

Where did I say that?  Corruption has always been a part of the problem.  Giving a corrupt government even more control over 1/6 of the economy is a recipe for disaster. 


Our healthcare system is going to be driven in that direction because of the ACA.  If you can refute the fact that rates are increasing, and that care is starting to suffer, go right ahead and do so.  I'd love to see facts that refute either point.  You focused on the last comment as hyperbole (which it was), but completely ignored the rest.  Good job. 


You're fixated on the money.  You say making a profit isn't a bad thing, but clearly you think otherwise based on your comments. 


Let me give you one example of a greedy, profit driven doctor who is on the verge of retiring because he can't afford to continue under the guidelines of ACA.  This is a very good friend of mine who is an oncologist here in Florida. 


Over the past several years, he has been a provider on Medicaid and Medicare's list.  He has accepted both forms of payment.  As the years have passed, the amount MC pays out has steadily dropped.  They set the bar for usual and acceptable, and it's gotten to the point where this doctor can barely maintain any sort of profit margin.  Now, I know to someone who just thinks he's being greedy, they're just going to stop right here and bash him because he's on the verge of throwing in the towel because he's barely able to break even.  This is a top tier oncologist who has worked for two major cancer centers during his career.  He spent nearly 1/3 of a million on his education.  He started his own practice, and employs a staff of 10.  He has overhead to maintain his offices, and to pay his employees.  When Medicare/Medicaid step in and say they're only going to pay 70% or even less on his billing, that means he's losing money.  You'll say he's greedy, but as a result of their cuts, he's already had to lay off half his staff, and he's taking fewer patients because he can't handle the workload.  He's considering dumping his practice all together because of the ACA.  This guy is an expert on the subject, and the horror stories he tells are epic.  But to you, he's just a rich doctor who is complaining about not making enough money.  Right?


FYI, if you don't think rates are going up for the vast majority, you need to do some research on the rates that have been submitted by each state to their insurance commissioners already.  And if the ruling by an appellate court this week holds up, those subsidized rates that are artificially making the prices look lower than they are while taxpayers pick up the tab are going to go away.  Watch what happens then. 

I thought you were implying the government was the sole source of corruption in the healthcare system. If that's not what you meant than ok,


I never called the doctors greedy. I said leaving because of making less money, if that was the reason, would make sense. I don't know enough to really comment but I would assume if your example was indicative of the profession as a whole would be or will be seeing a mass exodus sooner than later. I have not personally seen indications that this is the case but will take what you are saying in this regard at face value and do some research for myself on that matter.


You are right, I am fixated on the money in general. Money is the reason poor laws get passed and good laws get gutted. It's the reason we, as a people are not represented by either side of the aisle. It's the reason the wealth gap has increased exponentially and shows no sign of slowing down. It's the reason gov and quasi-monopolies are so corrupt. 

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24 July 2014 - 12:51 PM

One can dream my friend one can dream.......

I'll watch it on Hulu so they don't get my advertising bucks


oh wait they get it there also don't they....