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In Topic: Ebola: Texas nurse tests positive

21 October 2014 - 02:15 AM

I'm not part of the people that believe 9-11 was the inside job. 


I am however part of the people that believe that do not trust Obama's motives for this country and that he indeed knows that the only way he can continue to stay in power past his term is to impose martial law and this epidemic would be one method to get his desired outcome. 




Just because it may have ultimately been inevitable that it reached our shores doesn't mean that we shouldn't have taken every precaution we could have to have slowed that result/ lessened the opportunities from it happening.


France did the correct thing.


We practically laid out the red carpet for ebola to come to the USA....as well as the asinine decision to put our 3000 soldiers in harms way over there (I'd bet that Obama's intent there is for it to spread throughout our military and others once they come back). Why else would you send 3000 troops there into that situation??? Its one thing to send select expert medical staff over there (and even THEY couldn't avoid getting it)....sending green troops over there has no benefit other than if your intent is to spread it to them and bring them back to spread the disease in the manner the president wants the disease spread. 

Of course you are not. One happened under a republican president's watch and the other happened under the evil evil democrat's. 

In Topic: Same sex marriages

21 October 2014 - 02:01 AM

Thats the problem with a lot of the younger people right there. They assume just because an older person thinks a certain way, that they are right and older person is wrong. They label everything older as antiquated and while true in some cases, its not true for things like discipline, yet, look around, thats exactly how it is nowadays. 


What exactly is "antiquated" about my views on this topic? I've stated time and time again, I am FOR equality., But just as flsportsgod, me and a few others suggested, mere equality isn't good enough is it?....That was only a stepping stone. As typical with a democrat/ liberal, they'll claim they only want X but once they get X they want Y & Z and every other letter as well. 


Or is it the morality of it all??. Is morality now antiquated? LOL.....or God/ religion? Antiquated, right?.... 


I feel bad for the younger generation/ most of the liberal/ democrats, I really do. 


They really are trying to rewrite the rules to suit man. Thats been tried before, its being tried now, and I'm sure it will be tried again in the future....it usually doesn't end well for man. 



The second statement is interesting all things considered.... Shame it can't be discussed. 

In Topic: Same sex marriages

21 October 2014 - 01:52 AM

Thats how they roll.... you know, the "purveyors of tolerance".


In reality they aren't tolerant at all. Less tolerant than the people they accuse of being "intolerant"...lol. They are only "tolerant" if you agree to 100% of their entire agenda - all while you're kissing their feet as well. 


IMO, that actually works against what they are allegedly trying to accomplish at least with me. I used to be much more empathetic towards their cause of seeking equality when it seemed thats all they were aiming for. I don't get that vibe anymore. With their all out bullying assault on Christians and people that may not agree with them driven by the liberal media (except for Muslims who also disapprove of homosexuals, but they are scared of Muslims so they'll act as if that 800 lb gorilla isn't in the room) , all it seems they really wish to do is "dominate" this culture and force people to not only give them the equality they initially were seeking, but also now to have their belief system as well - and like it. Well, it don't work that way. If you want equality, fine, I'm for that but don't you dare force people to approve of your lifestyle, or endoctrinate the children with this crap in schools at early ages. It has no place there. The idea is that 2 consenting ADULTS can do whatever they wish, sexually. The libs are force feeding their agenda in schools at early ages intentionally. Its underhanded. 

oh.... be tolerant or my intolerance?

In Topic: Who do you think will run for President in 2016?

16 October 2014 - 03:02 PM

Education should really be our number 1 focus. After all it defines our future.

Find me a candidate that fully supports education and real campaign finance reform and i'll quit my job to help them get elected. 

In Topic: ISIS thread

18 September 2014 - 11:55 AM

Fox News now saying Iran created ISIS, WHAT!?


Their Argument, because Iran backs Assad in Syria they created the vacuum that gave rise to ISIS. Are they just completely ignoring that the rebels who are now ISIS we ARMED to take on Assad?


Sounds like ISIS is going to be the new excuse to launch actions against Iran, even though Iran and ISIS are sworn enemies. What a mess.........

McCain just gave an interview recently regarding the passing of the bill allowing us to arm "moderate Syrian rebels". He was asked can we tell and if so who can tell who the good rebels are and distinguish them from the extremist groups. He replied with "I am and I can. I've been over there, I know them"


Trust McCain he's got the answers. As long as the question is "war?"   :wallbash: