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In Topic: Would Khalil Mack in the top 5 feel like a "Gene Smith type of pick"?

Yesterday, 02:09 PM

Serviceable player is fine for blocking serviceable pass rushers. If the Texans take Clowney, the Jags would be smart to negate that ASAP. Matthews would provide that. The Jags rebuild/ or build isn't going to end this year, and they already addressed pass rushers in the free agency this year, so they can wait on that one year (at the top of the draft) if they have to. Matthews falling to them after a Clowney pick by Houston would be the right move. The only other selections that would be acceptable at that point would be one of the QB.  


"There is no deduction"....lol, what a clown. No, YOU have it in YOUR head that you want Mack at all costs, like a petulant child, and are essentially kicking and screaming throwing a tantrum metaphorically to try and get your way. 

Well that's adorably rich. 

In Topic: Boudreaumw! Happy birthing day!

Yesterday, 01:51 PM

Thanks buddy!


My grandfather was from nova scotia and I inherited his last name as my middle name. I'm 100% 'Murican though  :teehee:

In Topic: USMNT-Mexico Friendly On Wednesday

03 April 2014 - 04:26 PM

You think a lot of things I say are silly so that doesn't surprise me... 


"friendly" is a term created by the people on the other side of the pond meaning exhibition game, essentially. THEM using that term doesn't bother me. US using it does. We're poseurs if we use it, they aren't. Its their word. 


Its no different than the way English people refer to your [BAD WORD REMOVED] as your "bum". 2 different words, meaning the same thing. But American's are so caught up in terms that they latch on to the way Eurpoeans say stuff as if it has different meaning if you say it the way they say it.... Thats why that toilet paper commercial with that lady saying "bums" 75 times is so acceptable to Americans on our TV, - if it was just some lady continuously saying "[BAD WORD REMOVED]" people would think its disgusting, even though ITS THE SAME THING!!


The poseurs act as if calling it a "friendly" (rather than "an exhibition") changes its importance or something.


In Topic: MJD To The Ring Of Honor Someday? I Hope Not.

30 March 2014 - 08:58 PM

The standards were lowered when Brunell got in.


If Brunell is in, MJD will be in.

I agree, nostalgia won over there.

In Topic: MJD To The Ring Of Honor Someday? I Hope Not.

30 March 2014 - 08:55 PM

As per MJD one day being in our ROH, we had to start somehere to compile this honor. I truely feel that only select players should be bestowed as such. Of the previous players only J-Smooth is honorable enough to be inducted.

As for MJD, his status was cut short by his antics of holding out and his reluctance to finalize his career as an Jaguar...

He was Money Hungry and cared less of the team...

Still have Luv for the man though...


I would be all for Darius getting in as well. I also don't think the personal issues should be the reason to not have Jimmy Smith be considered.