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In Topic: Colvin to practice

Yesterday, 02:04 PM

I think because of you rrep bro, you're no longer taken as a regular poster. You are seriously message board enemy number 1.


Just how he likes it.


Needs to attention.

In Topic: Poz to IR

Yesterday, 01:14 PM

Why take the throttle off I'd crush them for 60 full minutes ! Lol


The game was 10-6 when Poz got hurt. He was just trying to snipe at Bradley hoping nobody would notice.

In Topic: Has Jedd Fisch ruined Blake Bortles Confidence?

Yesterday, 12:43 PM

Yep. Saw one play where both Hurns and Shorts were running open deep and Bortles must have been looking short as he's been commanded to by Fisch and Bortles never saw them. 


If thats pre-season or should I say pre-San Diego 2nd half Bortles, he's hitting either one of them for a long gainer (and maybe a TD)


I bet Fisch is locking Bortles into dark rooms without food. The kid must be terrified.

In Topic: Poz to IR

Yesterday, 12:35 PM

Both injuries happened late. I wonder if either should have still been in the game at that point. 




When Poz injured his pec, the game was 10-6.


Get out of here with this garbage.

In Topic: NFL Game at 9:30a.m. on FOX

Yesterday, 11:28 AM

Guess I'll be missing the start of that one.


Just get some strong coffee and tough it out