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In Topic: Favorite TV Characters

Today, 11:34 AM

Saul Goodman

Phil Dunphy

Cosmo Kramer

Ari Gold

Ralph Wiggum

In Topic: Magic hire Scott Skiles

Today, 11:29 AM

But how much. They need more talent.

In Topic: Satelite Camps

Today, 11:28 AM

and more black people

You're partially correct.

It's also because cities like Chicago and NY (home to plenty of black people) are not sprawling metropolises like Atlanta, Dallas, LA or Miami. More space make them more conducive to football while basketball thrives in the northern cities. Manhattan is not an ideal place for football.

In Topic: FIFA Officials Arrested on Corruption Charges

Today, 07:18 AM

I hope UEFA is serious about boycotting. I would love to see them leave FIFA altogether. CONCACAF could follow.

In Topic: Magic hire Scott Skiles

Today, 07:16 AM

Orlando seems stuck in an NBA mediocre purgatory. Bad enough to miss the playoffs. But good enough to miss out on the top couple players.