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In Topic: Planned Parenthood

Today, 05:52 PM

I have seen this video circulated, but I've never seen the unedited version. Also, the LA court is only barring the video until a ruling is issued.

Only 3% of services offered by PP are for abortions, and federal funding cannot be used for those abortions. The move to discontinue federal funding will fail, as it should.

But Fox News and right wing radio have said differently. Weird.

In Topic: This Is Great, $15 an hour leeches

Today, 03:43 PM

That sounds to me more like the breakfast of champions!  :woot:


Maybe in Tijuana

In Topic: Scrimmage

Today, 03:12 PM

It has been streamed before for sure. To be honest, the scrimmage is usually pretty lame. It's cool to be inside the stadium again but the "action" on the field is not much.

In Topic: Packers home game in 2016 likely to be moved to London

Today, 03:10 PM

LOL! I called this thread from the begining.


From the blowing things out of proportion and exagerrating "our best home game", to the entire business aspect from Khans view point and exactly what they would want to happen.


I've been 100% right on everything.


The fan's reaction to the Packers game potentially being moved was overwhelming negative. I am sure that was noticed by the front office.

In Topic: Chris Clemons a no-show

Today, 02:05 PM

Be careful what you wish for... He could show up asking for more money after the court strips him of his rightful earnings.


Maybe he'll show up asking for his own luxury box and a week's free stay in Kismet. And a free bumper.