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In Topic: Seahawks sign KJ Wright to 4 year 27 mil extension

Today, 04:45 PM

It's realistically possible that the Seahawks won't be able to afford re-signing DE Cliff Avril,  who is from Jacksonville.    It wouldn't surprise me if Avril ends up signing with the Jaguars,  when factoring need,  scheme,   and the player being from the area.


A definite possibility. He got his ring, now he'll get his big deal.

In Topic: ***Official Jaguars Vs. Titans Thursday Night Football Game Thread***

Today, 01:03 PM

So I'm guessing we aren't gonna wear the Teal jerseys this year?


Good catch. Guess not.

In Topic: Jags should re-sign JT Thomas...

Today, 12:28 PM

Bring him back on a minimal salary deal as a backup/special teamer.

In Topic: Blasphemy: If they're available, should the Jags draft Mariota or Winston?

Today, 11:01 AM

Lets be honest here...no one thought watching EJ Manuel during his time at FSU that he was a first round pick. Not even FSU fans. There's probably one game I can remember during his time as the starter where he actually looked like a first round pick. Buffalo took a huge gamble by taking him in the first based off of his potential.


I laughed when the Bills took him.


He showed nothing that would lead you to believe he would be an NFL QB.


FSU improved when he left.

In Topic: My Beef With Leonard Williams

Today, 10:58 AM

What's up guys... sorry I've not been around recently, it's been very busy here in Hindustan. I will preface this by saying that I haven't looked at Williams in depth yet.

He's looked at as the top defensive talent, and possibly the best overall player in the draft. He's six and a half, three hundred pounds. Strong and fast. His statistics sing his praise as well.

He might well be the best talent next year, but I would possibly take issue with the Jags taking him. Why? Because of his scheme fit. Our defensive line scheme is pretty unique because it basically involves one of every type of defensive lineman excepting a 43 end - a 34 rush OLB (Clemons), a 34 nose (Miller), a 43 tackle (Marks), and a 34 end (Big Red).

So, of these roles, which could Williams fit? Theoretically all of them except the LEO. But look at it this way... Marks is playing at a Pro Bowl level, he's young,ascending, and has a new contract. The same could be said of Miller, who's only playing a little worse than Marks.

That leaves the 34 end... currently manned by Red Bryant, an aging veteran with knowledge of the scheme and excellent production. But why not add in a talented youth like Williams?

The answer is The value of the position. Our 34 end is supposed to crash down along his side of the line, take up blockers, and close holes. It's a good job, an important job, but not one you spend a top five pick on. It would almost negate Williams' natural pass rushing ability and limit him to being a run stuffer.

Some people say he's like JJ Watt in that you can move him around the defensive line... which I suppose you could do, although you'd be taking a talented lineman off the field wherever you sub him in.

Now this isn't to say I dislike Williams. If he meets the hype he will be really good. I just think our needs can be satisfied by equally excellent talent at the top of the draft. I've scouted Randy Gregory and he looks like a home run, while Brandon Scherff could make a nasty bookend with Luke.

Just some thoughts, I'd be interested in hearing your opinions.


Michael Bennett plays the same role Bryant played in Seattle and puts up alot more sacks.