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In Topic: Training Camp Twitter Update thread

Yesterday, 09:21 AM

Leopold, they played Sterling exclusively at WR yesterday.  I think it will be tough for him to make the squad at either position, but if the team gets production out of Benn, and Sterling is being played exclusively at WR, then I don't see a spot for him.


Who does he beat out?

They might go 6 WR or 5 TE but he has talent and i think he can be like julius thomas if he puts on some more weight and development. However, you're out there on the practice field so i'll trust your word and reports right now than my own observation but once again thanks for the updates. 

In Topic: Training Camp Twitter Update thread

Yesterday, 06:30 AM

Arrelious Benn absolutely torched House deep. If he can maintain that deep speed after all of those injuries, and with his size, he could be an asset. If he develops and stays healthy, it will be tough for Sterling to make the squad.

I disagree with you because I think they want to make him like a move TE like julius thomas but it's good to have competition and thank you for your updates yesterday.

In Topic: Who is the 2015 version of Beadles?

25 July 2015 - 05:48 AM

Thomas. No QB.

go away

In Topic: The great big Blackmon thread (merged)

23 July 2015 - 09:38 AM

Blackmon's NFL days are finished. He won't be back.

how do you know this? 

In Topic: 2015 Bold Predictions

23 July 2015 - 06:51 AM

Bold Predictions


Blake Bortles is going to be universally praised as a QB on the rise after this season 


4 players from our team are going to play in the probowl 

Julius Thomas

Brandon Linder


Telvin Smith 


Gus Bradley is going to a runner up for coaching of the year