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In Topic: Jaguars defensive player to make NFL top 100, who is it?

20 May 2015 - 06:42 PM

I would think Marks should make it based on his performance last season, but if Telvin Smith made it I wouldnt be shocked as he had a great rookie year (but he didnt get put in until the 2nd half of the season as a starter, and he did miss tackle a lot (11 times according to ProFootball) as far as McCray I would be shocked if he made the top 100....

He should get a starting role opposite to House unless A. Colvin or Gratz can knock him off during PreSeason but I dont see him good enough to be in the top 100.


To me if you have a lot of players make the top 100 and you didnt make the playoffs what does that say about your head coach?


It has to be Marks because I am still shaking my head as to why he didnt make the ProBowl but the Top100 i think is voted by the players themselves... so he should make the list.

Why isn't McCray good enough to make the top 100 because every good receiver we faced he shut down by himself. People on here sometimes make him seems like he's hot garbage. 

In Topic: If the season started today what would be your line up

17 May 2015 - 03:26 PM

I think Bowanko will definitely make a strong push to start, but Wisniewski's experience in Olson's system gives him the edge.

Not only that but when healthy he's a top 10 center in all of football. 

In Topic: A Good Problem to Have?

14 May 2015 - 11:00 AM

Julius Thomas was a two time pro bowler... when he had one of the all time great quarterbacks to throw the ball to him. Will he be that effective here? We hope so, but for now that's a big question mark. It really doesn't help us how many accolades a player has accumulated else where under different circumstances if he doesn't bring that kind of production here.

I disagree with you because peyton didn't run his route or made the contested catches for him. I'm tired of people always giving peyton credit for other's success like they couldn't be great without him. For instance, pierre garcon played with peyton was well right? Well breaking news is that garcon had the best year of his career when in 2013 (113 catches and 1,346 yards) catching passes from Kurt Cousins and RG III during his second year as the redskins QB respectfully. Please don't give me eric decker fall off because of peyton base on the fact we all knew he wasn't a #1 receiver and yet he still was a few yards away from 1,000 season with geno smith and michael vick as qb despite also missing a few games last year for a hamstring issue. I think julius thomas is going to be great and if he's isn't i would either blame injuries, getting fat and happy after the big payday or blake bortles isn't the guy but we will find out one way or another the year. 

In Topic: Rashad Greene

14 May 2015 - 05:56 AM

lol yea right which is why he went in the 5th round and winston went 1st overall


winston> bortles.. and im a bortles guy

go the "f" away 

In Topic: A Good Problem to Have?

13 May 2015 - 06:16 PM

If you view it optimistically? No, there's not a lot of holes. But realistically?


QB - Bortles is still a question mark, despite the promise

RB - Unproven rookie RB

WR - 3 2nd year WR and a rookie WR

TE - Solid starter/depth with Thomas/Lewis

LT - Luke is a ?, but promising with increased strength

LG - Beadles is OK, plus depth with Cann possibly even pushing him

C - Good possibility/depth

RG - Linder should be good

RT - Pernell is very much a question mark, never having started a full season


DE - Clemons is 34, Branch coming off groin surgery

DT - Marks is coming off ACL, Hood was underwhelming, and backup is a 6th round "steal" in Bennett.

DT - Miller is coming off injury, but should be fine with Jones behind him. Not great, but OK

DE - Odrick should be an upgrade over Red, and we retained Tyson. So another oK position.


LB - Solid starters, but depth is questionable.

FS - Brown has limited starts, Evans is a SS, and Sample is inexperienced at FS.

CB - Good starters and depth.


Truthfully, we have more "promise" than "production" filling our "needs"

i agree with your list except for Julius Thomas is better than just being a solid starter at tight end. He's a 2 time probowler, 24 td's in the last 2 years and imo is the third best tight end in all of NFL.