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In Topic: BB vs Winston

Yesterday, 09:17 PM

Also let's not forget he still is working on his mechanic as we speak so sometimes its mechanics can be out of shape as he throwing the ball

In Topic: Team not as bad as you think

Yesterday, 06:58 PM

I like our chances....The Panthers and Colts games were completely winnable and outside of the Pats debacle, this team is right there which is a far cry from previous years. With that being said, I know 1-3 is not expectable. Right now do to injury, the Jags just don't have enough in the passing game to hang there hats on. If you think about it, when defenses try to take away Allen Robinson, outside of Hearns the passing game isn't adequate. Thank God TJ Yeldon and the running game is solid or else we wouldn't be in games at all. Back to the point. Without Lee, Thomas, and Green especially Thomas, Blake just doesn't have enough playmakers. Simple as that! 


Further, once Julius Thomas gets into the mix, I believe we should see things free up significantly for the entire offense seeing a definite improvement in sustaining drives and finishing in the red zone. If Thomas was Manning's security blanket, he should do wonders for Blake. I can only imagine how the playbook explodes when this guy finally takes the field. It's tough to win in the NFL without a solid go to guy on offense and the Jags just don't have that consistency at the moment. I'm not that concerned about Blake like most of you guys, the playbook is just too vanilla do to the lack of playmakers on offense. 


Anyways,  I like our chance going forward, and think we should take care of the Bucs on Sunday! Let's go! 2-3 this time next week! We are getting better and I like where we're headed but that's just me. Please feel free to comment because I think Julius Thomas will change the entire offense and not having him and the rest of the guys healthy is a killer!



i agree

In Topic: BB vs Winston

Yesterday, 06:57 PM

Do ya'll know that jamesis winston has alot of garbage time during the 4 games this season? 

In Topic: Anybody going to Tampa this weekend?

06 October 2015 - 05:14 AM

I am going but unfortunately i'm going to be sitting in section 127

In Topic: Surprising stats

05 October 2015 - 04:07 PM

Bortles also second in the league in passes over 40 yds