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In Topic: Simple Yes or No....Is Bortles The Guy?

Today, 06:39 AM

Some idiot in here who was in love with a washed up Mike Sims Walker back in the day was telling me Khalil Mack was nothing midseason. Dude is everywhere on the field in this game. I'm not gonna pull the "you must don't know nothing about football" card like a lot do on here but quit being a stat sissy all your life.

Talk English jerk and stop acting like a 12 year old punk whose's having a roid rage. lol. 

In Topic: Blackmon completes rehab

Yesterday, 04:47 PM

Hey Justin I need you Buddy.



Blake Bortles

In Topic: Simple Yes or No....Is Bortles The Guy?

19 November 2014 - 07:39 AM

I'd take Bortles. That being said, I think that the pick invested and who else you could have added should be a factor. At this point I'd have to say that Bridgewater at 32 and Carr at 36 were better picks than Bortles at 3. I would of course love for this to change.

Well, i'll say that i disagree with you because at the end of the day you need the best value with the draft pick for the long term benefit of the franchise. Let me ask you the question this way would you rather have as a talent justin blackmon with blaine gabbert if so that would've been the case if we have gotten sammy walkins with derek carr as the qb throwing to him. IMO, derek is more like blaine gabbert than even jay cutler base on the many games i have watched him play this year. He's not a playmaker and plays the game very safe to the detriment to his team. It's probably the main reason why they're 0-10 because the raider's defense is very good and they have a couple quality receivers in James Jones among many others on the raider's roster. He averages 5.4 ypa in a season and let me tell you it would've hurt sammy's development if we had the same situation here with derek carr on this team. The only thing people sees that his td to int ratio is higher so the average person think he's having a good season but sadly, his stats don't tell everyone the whole story especially if people watch his games. Remember, blaine gabbert in his rookie season had 12 td's and 9 int's in his rookie season as well and we as a fanbase has seen how that turned out in the long run.


See, what makes me fall in love with blake bortles talent as our qb is he makes plays in every single game even though he has the least amount of talent and experience on the offense side of the ball in the league. People just see the interceptions with the 4 pick sixes this seasons and want to be shell shocked because of it. How i see it is that his flaws can be corrected with hard work in the off-season in which i don't have any doubt in my mind he's going to improve on those things. This is all you need to know about blake bortles and that people complain about him at times being inaccurate but his completion % is 64 and he's rarely throws check downs to the running backs so let let us know as a fan base that his upside is limitless. 


In the case of teddy bridgewater all i'm going to say is this out of all the rookie qb's he and mettenberger were both deemed NFL ready out of college and have the most offensive talent rosters at their disposal.  In addition, they both have offensive coaches off their staffs respectfully that are regarded as qb guru's but in teddys case he doesn't even stand out so that's all i need to know when a person like me making my judgement on him as a long term prospect as an NFL QB.

In Topic: Simple Yes or No....Is Bortles The Guy?

18 November 2014 - 07:40 AM

I'd certainly take Evans or Watkins and Bridgewater or Carr over Bortles and Lee at this point. At this point next year, I'd love for that statement to sound really stupid.

If you can carr, bridgewater or bortles who would you take? Damn the other receivers because at this age of the NFL they're a dime of dozen.

In Topic: Bortles vs Luck as Rookies

16 November 2014 - 08:20 PM

Luck makes history tonight. Meanwhile, Jags achieve nothing today

Hey, let the door hit you on the way out and become a colts fan,