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In Topic: Allen Robinson was a steal

Yesterday, 08:38 AM

you say that but cecil shorts looked like an all pro with gabbert and now hes been invisible lol


He looked like that at first because no one game planned for him like they did for blackmon but once that starting to be the case he's expose for what he is as a player which is a #2 receiver. In addition, he has been hurt all year so bortles didn't have a chance to develop a chemistry with him but robinson who has been healthy all season is now bortles go to guy so it's too late for cecil shorts.  

In Topic: Allen Robinson was a steal

Yesterday, 08:31 AM

Blackmon had 4 or 5 games with less than 10 yards, and a game with no rec.he had 3 games over 159 yds the rest of his games were average at best, a lot of 3 rec 24 yd type games.

To be fair look at the bum qb's he had to play with in gabbert and henne so no wonder he chose to get high than to play football  because his inconsistent numbers had something to do with them as players. If he was playing with bortles right now who is a true playmaker especially outside of the pocket blackmon would be talked about like one of the best receivers in football. 

In Topic: The irony of winning Sunday

Yesterday, 08:24 AM

Jesus Christ, no one has turned on Blake and no one wants Blaine Gabbert back on the team.   Stop overreacting.  You're acting like a 12 year old.  

What i'm acting like is a person who is tired of people making threads for the hell of it. 

In Topic: The irony of winning Sunday

Yesterday, 07:02 AM

She made a reasonable point.   We won yesterday in spite of Bortles, not because of him, and it shows how much we overvalue the QB position sometimes.  Some of us act like all we need is a QB, and that he is the only relevant player on the field, and he's responsible for all the wins and losses.  

 Okay, then lets trade for blaine gabbert back or continue to start Chad Henne and see how many games we have a chance of winning? The QB position is the most important position on the team even if some of you feel like the position is overvalued. We can't expect the defense to be this good every game and blake has so much talent but some of you already turned on him after one bad freakin game. 

In Topic: The irony of winning Sunday

Yesterday, 06:03 AM

The first three weeks of the season, this board erupted with calls for Blake Bortles to start because Chad Henne was obviously a major reason we lost.


When we finally did win a game, it was the first time Bortles threw three interceptions and he only threw one touchdown pass. His passing yards total was 159.


So we won this game despite Bortles, not because of him. So how important was having Bortles start against the Browns? Would we have won with Henne?


I am not saying Bortles was completely irrelevant. But losing his best game and winning his worst game means we overrated the importance of the quarterback.


So let's trade bortles base on your stupid logic? lol. Stop making these threads because it seems like you're bored and looking for some attention.