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In Topic: Gus Bradley Press Conference

Today, 06:40 PM

A division winner.... Sans their best player by far who happens to play the most important position in football.

Yeah, but they had a savvy veteran with super bowl rings back there. Cream of our division. Just a really inspiring effort out there today.

In Topic: Gus Bradley Press Conference

Today, 06:38 PM

"We're not there yet, but we're close"
Regards...................the Chiefjag

Of course we're close, we just played neck and neck with our division winner. Clearly we are arriving any day now.

In Topic: Impressions from the Colts Game

Today, 06:34 PM

a backup who also happens to have multiple super bowl rings. Hasselbeck isn't a scrub.

I see you got an advance copy of tomorrow's Oehser article.

In Topic: The great big fire or not fire Bradley/Calwell if it's about those two pu...

Today, 06:32 PM

Would you like your boss if you perform horribly then rewarded with a high five and ice cream?  I would


Especially if my boss had low expectations so I could just "coast" at work.

Can't really argue with that. They've consistently dropped a steaming pile out on the field and no real repercussions for it. I bet they do like him.

In Topic: On the bright side..

Today, 06:30 PM

But if you coached the Jags that game whats the result then? 58 to 10? 51-17? The Patriots score every possession?  Results would probably be similar. Does that make you just as good or almost as good as Gus?

That's funny because it's true. The patriots already scored every possession.