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In Topic: Allen Robinson breakout looming

Today, 11:51 AM

The majority of NFL teams keep looking until they find their #1.  That doesn't mean it isn't important, it means they aren't easy to find.  It's why the process never ends.


Obviously every team would love to have "a true #1."  And the Jags surely covet one as well.  But WAY too much is made over the topic - and it's often just used to disparage many very talented receivers being discussed around here.  


Until there's a clear cut #1 guy on the roster - there's little point in debating who is and who isn't.  Who plays what role (x,y,z) is much, much more relevant, IMO.


 Robinson has the skill set and body type to be a very productive x receiver. That's all I am concerned about him doing. 

In Topic: Allen Robinson breakout looming

Today, 09:55 AM

ugh, can we please stop with all this "#1 receiver" crap?  There are only about 10 guys in the league right now that fit the "mold" people here claim is a "true #1".  


So stupid.


This ^


The majority of NFL teams don't have a "true #1 WR."   He's a really solid "x" receiver. He may not have the speed to be a prototypical x guy, but he's got all he needs to be a really good one. 


What we do have in Robinson is a guy with decent speed, very good size and great hands.


If Blake and the O-line take a step forward he'll be very dangerous.  

In Topic: Allen Robinson breakout looming

Yesterday, 01:02 PM

He's a guy, so is Allen Hurns they would struggle to make the starting roster on other teams.  They are the Jaguars best WRs at the moment.



Any rookie receiver (Hurns)  that can score 6 TDs in the NFL with a rookie QB (and Chad Henne) is definitely a step or two higher than "just a guy." 


Robinson would start on 20 teams or more.  Easily.  I'll bet you 100 bucks that Allen Robinson has 900+ yds this season if he stays healthy for 16 games. 

In Topic: Blackmon "done zo" according to Florida times union Ryan O' Halla...

25 April 2015 - 09:56 PM

I'm skeptical that the league has the power to prevent an agent from making a statement to the press.  

A simple clause in the re-application document is all it would take.

In Topic: Bortles: Arm 'deteriorated' from overuse as a rookie

25 April 2015 - 09:55 PM

He should learn how to throw with the other hand!  Keep one fresh for game day . :thumbsup:

Well... he swings lefty :