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In Topic: Hmm. O-line might be more stable than we thought.

Yesterday, 12:22 PM

The line is finally gelling and the rookies are not looking so lost out there.  Still some whiffs, missed assignments and moments of schooling going on, but things are looking much better. 


In terms of drafting the first round, I have to think defense will take precedent but I imagine an O-lineman could be taken by the 5th round.  Depth is sorely needed at guard/center.   


I'll eat my shoe if Caldwell takes a RB in the first round.  (unless it's a trade back to late in the round) I think FS, LB or LEO are most likely in the first. 

In Topic: First nfl/Jaguars experience

Yesterday, 11:58 AM

The dialog freezes on me.


Where will you be staying? The hyatt was pricey, but we had tons of fun there. I put eye drops in the Browns gameday breakfast...

I'll stay with family. (born/raised in Jax )


maybe a different browser would help, but no matter  -  the links work fine :thumbsup:

In Topic: Fun With Browns/Jags All-22 Footage

Yesterday, 11:54 AM

In case anyone wonders how close that "almost TD" to Shorts in the third quarter was….




Ended up being an INT 2 plays later.  :confused:

In Topic: First nfl/Jaguars experience

Yesterday, 11:35 AM



I cant figure out how to upload images. Got some pictures of the stadium, the beach, and the area of the city I was staying in. The Acosta bridge is beautiful at night. The Landing is pretty cool. Loaded up on some jags gear.

You can copy and paste a url (link) into the image box which is just below the emoticons in your posting window here. (full version, not mobile) 


Saw some of the pics you just linked. Nice!  Glad you had a great time!  I'll be there for the phins this week and the tacks in December. Can't wait! 

In Topic: Do the Jags re-sign Roy Miller?

Yesterday, 11:30 AM

Do the Jags re-sign Roy Miller or do they spend some money on someone like McCoy, Suh, or Fairley?

Depends on how he plays down the stretch, but I see him likely being re-signed.