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25 November 2014 - 10:09 AM


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25 November 2014 - 09:55 AM

Ahhh….. That's why these youngsters aren't learning from their mistakes!! 


Film Toom!!




They don't study film.  They just bury it.  (Can't really blame them, huh? It's hard to watch.)  




OP means:  http://www.jaguars.c...0a-0ee1600c2b7a

In Topic: Mid-Rebuild thoughts and comments

25 November 2014 - 12:02 AM

I don't know where we are in the rebuild exactly,  but here are my thoughts on it so far:



  -  I have confidence in the GM.  He hasn't been without reproach, but he's found affordable talent in free agency and found a number of gems in mid to late rounds of the draft.  How Joeckel, Cyprien, and Bortles progress/develop will color his first two seasons greatly. I haven't given up hope on any of those players yet. He'll get a chance to spend more money this offseason and I'm curious to see how that goes.  



- I can't give an accurate assessment on Gus just yet.  I want to believe in him, but there have been a number of game day decisions that were poor and the record has to begin reflecting on him at some point.  If we aren't to that point in time yet, we're getting close.  I do think he's largely behind the defense finally beginning to look like it's only a few players away from being a powerhouse.  (yes, I believe that)   And he seems to have eliminated most of the weird game day stuff. 



I've been a proponent of Fisch since the end of preseason, 2013.  I think he's had the toughest job on the staff.  Trying to milk production out of what he's had to work with would be a tall order for any OC in the league.  It's really tough to determine what he really has to offer with the debacle at O-line, QB and TE he's been stuck with.  I do feel like more could  be done to jumpstart the offense at times, but I doubt anyone would be averaging many more points with an offense so chock-full of youth, inexperience, and plain old poor play. 



Ehhh.  Whatever. Had issues with some of his coverage calls early in the season. Don't really have any real confidence in the guy, but when your HC is the defensive guy, I'm not sure it's a major issue.  Maybe they have it worked out - maybe they want to upgrade next season. I'd be fine either way. 

In Topic: Gus Bradley on special teams: "There were some positives out there"

24 November 2014 - 09:04 PM

He was asked a specific question about the positives including special teams.  The best he could muster was improved team speed.  He wasn't asked to issue an epic dialog on the issues with special teams. 


Actually it was just "team speed on kick-off duties."    "We're getting down there quicker."  That's the only thing he cited as a positive for ST.  That's pretty bad.  


Of course - that means he's praising the ST now after another tipped kick. LOL.  This thread is pointless.  

In Topic: First Booze Thread On New Board.

24 November 2014 - 08:14 PM

Twenty Grand, straight outta the freezer.


Is that one of those Cognac/Vodka blends?  Haven't tried one yet.