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In Topic: Jaguars to Release Will Blackmon

Yesterday, 08:24 PM

Will was one of the playmakers on defense



in 2013

In Topic: Nice tweet via Joe Buscaglia: Caldwell on analytics

Yesterday, 05:20 PM

What I can't understand for the life of me is what analytic could possibly support making Toby Gerhart your primary RB ?




Yeah.  That 7.9 yards per carry number is pretty tough to put one's finger on, huh? 



In Topic: Jaguars to Release Will Blackmon

Yesterday, 03:37 PM

No shock here.  


One good season + one bad season + yet another injury.  


For a guy that a'int getting any younger and has had a litany of injuries that kept him off the field.....  that doesn't add up well. 


Colvin played so much better at nickel at the end of the season than Blackmon did in the early weeks,  it has to make it tough to justify keeping him around. 



Also - I'm glad they are bringing back Ball.   I wonder if McCray or Ball are comfortable playing the side Gratz has been manning. 


I could dig a McCray/Ball corner combo with Colvin at nickel and Gratz as depth. 

In Topic: Jags to Hire Former Jets GM John Idzik as Consultant

25 February 2015 - 10:26 PM

Don't understand the hire.

Does this mean we weren't capable of putting together and/or managing the cap without Idzik?


I swear, it just looks like the NFL is a good-ol-boys' league, if someone gets fired but needs a job - just call one of your contacts and you'll get hired doing something completely unnecessary.. and get a few hundred k$


I see it as a young GM that believes in the old adage "two heads are better than one"   -   and an owner that's committed to doing whatever he can to get some wind in the sails. 


It's Khan's money.  If he wants to spend it on a cap consultant/guy to help work out contract structures  - what's the big deal? 

In Topic: Lewis, Poz, Gerhart, and Clemons possible cuts via nfl.com

25 February 2015 - 10:18 PM

Yea why get rid of Clemons?  Guy had 8 sacks last year.  Was our best pass rusher off the edge.  We dont have cap problems.  And we arent loaded with youth and/or talent at the position.  FA and the drat could obviously change that but even then would seem odd.  


Lewis I could see.  Gerhart I guess.  Poz maybe.  But no chance Clemons.

I agree. 


Lewis is a possibility.  


Gerhart wouldn't be gone till probably August (after some preseason games) if they do part with him  -  as I see them giving him a chance to do what they expected of him before he got hurt and disappointed. 


I really don't se Clem or Poz going anywhere till 2016.