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In Topic: Ode to "Let's talk about"

Today, 03:51 PM

I'm not hungry.


That forum is a scary place. 


And now I want Thai food.  Stoopid power of suggestion. Thanks, Deacon. 



BTW - Let's plan a round of golf in late September.  I should be all moved in and off the road for about 10 days at the end of the month. 

In Topic: Fred Taylor YPC

Today, 03:11 PM

Interesting. I don't remember anything about his willingness to step away from being GM.  If that's true, it's quite unfortunate that he and Weaver couldn't come together on a better way to move forward. 


And yes, here's hoping the current regime's plan starts clicking soon and has more longevity. 

In Topic: Fred Taylor YPC

Today, 03:00 PM

While I'm sure there's a small population that would agree with the southerner/Gator thing, I think the majority of those who felt Coughlin needed to be fired are the same ones who want every coach fired if he's not winning immediately, or winning by double digits on a weekly basis.  You know, the less knowledgeable fans who equate everything to how it works at the collegiate level.


Those who were true NFL fans appreciated the kind of coach Tom Coughlin was here with his old school mentality.  In fact, some believe he did probably his best bit of coaching with arguably the least talented roster he had in that final season.  That team remained fairly competitive throughout the season despite a lack of quality, young talent to rely upon.


In the end, Coughlin's perceived prickly demeanor turned off a segment of the fan base, and even when he tried to soften his image toward the end, it was already too late for some folks.  I remember sitting in the stands and the half empty stadium was peppered with fans who only got vocal when they could boo the coach.  Otherwise they were completely quiet.  I remember when he let a group of fans sit in on the final walk through of the season as if it say thanks for still being there through all of the difficulties.  I think even he knew Weaver's hand was going to be forced by the fan's discontent.


When the team was winning,the fairweather fans were happy to be on the bandwagon.  When it wasn't, they were content to not show up and support the team, and I don't think Weaver really knew what to do to fix that other than to fire the coach and change direction.  Weaver even admitted later it was his biggest regret as an owner. 


I liked his demeanor.  I liked his coaching style.  (though I thought his release of a few players he didn't like personally was a bit petty)

I thought him to be a great coach.  


I hated that he insisted on wearing too many hats. 


I wasn't calling for his head at the time, but I gave up on him for a while and became a more casual fan for a few years after his OC stint. 

I think his insistence on being GM/HC/OC tied his noose more than fans discontent did. 

In Topic: A Closer look at Allen Hurns

Today, 01:08 PM

At the very least try Lee as a Kick Returner before getting rid of him.

Watching him at USC, he was outstanding returning kicks.


I know it's the dead zone, but how did this become "a thing?" 


Why in the world would the Jags have even the slightest interest in parting with a promising young receiver that they'll have on the cheap for three more years?? 


I find it odd that the discussion morphed into somehow choosing between the receivers on the roster.  I think this staff has big plans for Lee as a Jaguar and I think he has a good chance at paying off for them. 

In Topic: Jason Pierre Paul severely injures hand (whispers of lost fingers) in firewor...

Yesterday, 06:56 PM