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Denard Robinson done for 2014: foot injury

10 December 2014 - 03:11 PM

Denard in boot with a sprained foot. 



O-Line Personnel May Not Change (according to O'Halloran)

09 December 2014 - 11:12 PM

Many posters here are calling for broad-sweeping changes along the O-line.  If you believe Ryan O'Halloran - that probably won't happen. 


Get used to the group that started seven games together this year — left tackle Luke Joeckel, left guard Zane Beadles, center Luke Bowanko, right guard Brandon Linder and possibly right tackle Austin Pasztor.

All but Pasztor should be considered locks to start next year’s opener.

The Jaguars should sign a mid-level free agent to compete with Pasztor. He gave up five sacks in eight games and will spend the next few months rehabilitating a ruptured hamstring sustained in the Giants game.

A look at the group:


The Jaguars stress — both publicly and behind the scenes — how he’s really in his first NFL season playing left tackle. He played 12 snaps there last year before breaking his ankle and has started all 14 games this season.

Thankfully, the statute of limitations on that excuse/storyline is just about expired.

In my game-charting, I have Joeckel responsible for eight sacks this year. The jury remains out on Joeckel, which is understandable. Next year is huge for him.


He was this administration’s first big free agent signing (five years, $30 million, $12.45 million guaranteed, last March).

Beadles has been decent in pass protection and has only two penalties. He is the only player on offense to play every snap.

An instant leader by default, Beadles’ play has steadied after a rocky first month that included a transition to a new blocking scheme.


He would have started the opener if it weren’t for a preseason ankle injury. And he appears to be a steal … and make up for the organization’s miscalculation on thinking Mike Brewster was the answer.

It looks like he knows how to hold without being penalized and the big thing is that you don’t see him getting pushed back by a bull rush.

A steal of a pick in the sixth round.


The Jaguars traded up to take him in the third round and he was a Week 1 starter. He has missed one game because of a shoulder injury.

Linder’s had two rough games (three sacks against Washington and two against Tennessee), but he has definitely improved and more than held his own against Houston’s J.J. Watt on Sunday.


The Jaguars converted him from guard to tackle during the 2013 offseason and he became the right tackle once Joeckel moved to the left side, got hurt and Cam Bradfield slid over.

Last year, Pasztor showed enough that even though he underwent shoulder surgery that kept him out until camp this summer, he was the no-doubt starter. But more injuries — a broken hand that required surgery in mid-August (he missed the first four games) and then the aforementioned hamstring injury (which also needed an operation). That’s three surgeries in less than a year.

Availability has been a huge factor in some of the decisions made by general manager Dave Caldwell, as linebacker Daryl Smith, cornerback Derek Cox, left guard Will Rackley and running backs Maurice Jones-Drew and Justin Forsett were allowed to walk or were cut after injury-plagued seasons.

Pasztor is a restricted free agent and I expect the Jaguars to tender him, but also bring in solid competition for his spot.




Personally, I'd like to see at least two mid-tier (or better) free agents added for competition as well as a 4th or 5th round pick. Hopefully Caldwell can find a FA or two worth the effort in what seems to be a lackluster crop.    

OC Play-Calling VS. Youth/Inexperience/Struggling O-line

06 December 2014 - 12:14 PM

I figure this will be a viable topic moving forward - so I gave it a thread.  


Many of us have hashed this out in various threads over the course of the season.  I've been clear that Fisch occasionally baffles me with a call or two that I don't like - but I think he's been handicapped by a struggling line and a ton of rookie mistakes. 


DiRocco (ESPN beat writer) agrees.  When asked if  the Jags need a new OC:


@ESPNdirocco: No. Firing Jedd Fisch would be the worst possible thing to do for Blake Bortles. You would be asking him to learn a new offense in his second season. That's a great way to ensure that a young quarterback will struggle. The only game this season in which I thought Fisch didn't do a good job play-calling was the second Indianapolis game. The problems with the offense are mainly due to youth and inexperience, not play-calling.


@ESPNdirocco: Fisch has been an assistant coach in the NFL for 11 seasons and has been an offensive coordinator in college for three seasons, including two at Miami. Yes, he's still growing as a play-caller, but there is no lack of confidence in Fisch by Gus Bradley or anyone else in the building.



While I have taken issue with 3 or 4 of DiRocco's positions this year - I'm with him on this one.   


While I think play calling has factored in to the problems in a few games, I see how they are trying to groom the kid and milk blood from a stone with this offensive line. I think it's 85-90% a youth issue.  ( at QB, WR and O- Line) 

And, yes, changing offenses would be a stumbling block for Blake.  

First Half vs giants- What Went Wrong?

02 December 2014 - 08:12 PM

I just rewatched (all-22)  the first half and I took notes on the more meaningful defensive gaffs.  


FWIW   - Here's what went wrong on the giants first two touchdown drives (third drive later in thread) :


giants first TD drive:


 -Telvin Smith stays pretty tight on the TE crossing route but a good throw and a half step of separation converts a big third down. 
 - Later same drive - another first down - this time to Beckham on a comeback route which was executed in an apparent soft spot of the zone coverage.
 Colvin was coming over to make the play but a couple steps too slow to impact play. Gratz stayed well back. Hard to tell what the assignments were there. Maybe just a good call by the offense against the zone coverage.  Maybe Gratz gave-up/bailed  too soon.
 - 13 yard pass to Ogletree (same drive) - receiver runs a quick slant from the outside.  McCray plays off and gets caught sleeping when the WR breaks. 
 - 8 yard run by Jennings up the middle - Miller and JT just get blocked very well and Jennings hops through a small gap before both safeties converge. 
 - 2 yd TD by Jennings.  Reynolds is in the game instead of Telvin for the the  goal line situation. LaRoy ends up being the only unaccounted for LB in the giants blocking scheme and comes in to take a shot on the RB - but he's coming from across the formation and can only deliver a glancing blow - he gets hurt in the process. Jennings had a full head of steam on impact. 
giants second TD drive- 
   - 18 yd screen to Williams - JT, Telvin, Cyp and Evans all bite on the fake reverse to Beckham - and the screen is set up nicely to the other side.  
  • 32 yd pass to the TE up the middle. Donnell comes in motion from the far side - lines up in backfield offset to Eli's left - scoots out between LG and LT after the snap and neither Telvin nor Evans pick him up.  Not sure who's responsibility he was. One of those two.  Telvin seemed focused on the RB while Evans may have just "cheated up" too much. 
  • TD pass (3 yds) to Parker from slot. JT in coverage got just a little turned around and Eli timed the quick strike well. 



The majority of mistakes are coming from young or undrafted players.  Hopefully that means the mistakes are fewer next year as experience is gained and positions are upgraded. 


Brian Billick's Report Card - Jags/giants

02 December 2014 - 01:10 PM