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In Topic: The Official UFC/MMA Thread

16 August 2014 - 04:49 PM

Really good, and free, card tonight on FS1. Who you got? Bader or St. Preux, Maynard or Pearson?



I'm looking forward to it.


OSP should have this. Bader has been exposed as a 1 dimensional wrassler with a fairly big right hand, OSP is too well rounded.


Maynard vs Pearson is interesting. If Maynard plays it safe and wrassles Pearson, it will should be an easy win. If he tries to stand, its anybodies fight.

In Topic: Henne Watching Blake Play...

15 August 2014 - 03:18 PM




He's say to the cup.


Mmmmmmm backup job, easy money.



In Topic: How Good Can Chris Smith Be?

13 August 2014 - 10:21 AM

Guy looked great in the first preseason game. It's still pretty early, but I wonder what the floor and ceiling are for this guy. Could be pretty high.




No idea about his ceiling, but as a 5th rounder, his floor is still 'out of the league' in 12 months.


I wasn't too impressed with his college youtube highlights, he looked a bit stiff to me. He was good against Tampa's backups, but given how bad their their starters were I'm not going to go nuts for him just yet.


Seems like a real Gus Bradley type who buys in to everything though, so who knows. Lesser athletes than him have had pretty good careers at DE.

In Topic: Another slight?

12 August 2014 - 01:32 PM

I'm still trying to understand the logic that leads to the conclusion that the perception of bias and commenting on that perception equates to a lack of testicles.


While I do not wish to delve in political commentary or debate, I find it interesting to note that Fox news was created to combat what some perceived to be a liberal bias in the media.


Did the conservatives who created Fox news lack testicles because they perceived a liberal bias in the media?


Do people like Rupert Murdoch, Roger Ailes, and Bill O' Reilly have inferiority complexes?


Did those who died in the Civil Rights movement for equal rights lack the requisites for maleness?


Did Gandhi need to grow a pair?


No, the stakes are not similar.  But we are not comparing severity of the bias or the stakes associated with it..  We are identifying bias and the responses to bias.


But lest you think these comparisons are inappropriate, consider...


Rush Limbaugh famously asserted McNabb is overrated because media types are rooting for black QBs to succeed. 


He commented on sports and how media bias impacts the perception of sports.


Did he lack self esteem, gonads, or both?  If all the media does is justified for pursuit of ratings, shouldn't he simply co-sign on what he perceived and went along with it?



All these people who saw an 'injustice' did something about it. In this case the 'injustice' is that national news outlets are not featuring one of the least popular major league sports teams in America enough.


To do something about it, you would need to start a media organization that focused mainly or solely on the Jags to counter this bias. Perhaps you could start a website which featured news, videos and comment on the Jaguars, maybe even interviews with coaches and players. Perhaps you could hire an editor and get him to do a daily Q&A with fans. You could run reports from training camp, OTAs and even games. Maybe you could call it www.jaguars.com

In Topic: Another slight?

11 August 2014 - 01:07 PM

You do understand what agenda actually means, don't you?


It's often used around here to refer to some kind of sinister intention of a poster, but it isn't inherently negative.

All of that now said, it's clear that the agenda for ESPN is to talk about the big markets and the popular heritage teams as much as possible and to ignore and denigrate the smaller markets when ignoring them isn't an option.


I don't really care about the media because the Jaguars can be good anyway, but I can just see the headline now if the Jaguars ever do win a Superbowl: "The Jaguars, worst Superbowl team ever?" where "How do the Jaguars rank among Superbowl winners" would work fine.



a·gen·da [uh-jen-duh] Show IPA
noun formally a plural of , agendum but usually used as a singular with plural , a·gen·das or a·gen·da.
a list, plan, outline, or the like, of things to be done, matters to be acted or voted upon, etc.: The chairman says we have a lengthy agenda this afternoon.


'A clear agenda' as you put it suggests a group of executives at ESPN got together and one said 'You know what I think would be fun? Never talking about the Jacksonville Jaguars in a positive way. All in favor say aye'.


If by agenda you mean the executives at ESPN want to show content that gets them the most eye balls and therefore the most money, sure I agree. But that's not really same thing as actively trying harm teams like the Jaguars by either willfully ignoring them or only bashing them.