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In Topic: High school student SUSPENDED for asking Miss America to the prom when she ap...

Today, 09:29 AM

The whole "ask famous person to prom" is so cliche, played out & unoriginal (par for the course for most of todays sheep youth) but that said, theres no reason for the guy to get a suspension for it. 



In Topic: New York Times article on Jameis Winston

Today, 09:26 AM

Are you talking (posting)?


Sorry, I stopped my argument with you when you decided to accuse me of something I didn't do.. Which I'm pretty sure that's your MO..


Yes I am. You something stupid on a public forum, I decided to respond this time. If you don't want me talking to you, either don't put your (incorrect) thoughts in public, block me or report me.


Once again, go back and read, actually read what I have said. Don't just go 'OMGZZZZ UR DIZAGREEEIN WIV ME THAT MEANS YOUR ACUSING ME OF STUFF!!!11' like a petulant child. I never did any such thing and you are flat out lying and deliberately misinterpreting what I've said if you think I have ever:

A) Stated anywhere that Jameis Winston is a guilty of anything or

B) Accused you of anything. (I don't know you, I have literally no clue - and very little inclination to find out - what's going on in your life, let alone comment on it)


I think whatever personal stuff you are going through has made it impossible for you to have a rational conversation because you're so defensive. (Now that is an accusation, compare it to the other stuff I've said for reference).

In Topic: Russell Allen Released

Today, 05:18 AM

Only thing I noticed is it said he has not been cleared from the concussion he suffered in December. That could make his future a little dicey.


Dang! Poor guy.


I hope he was good with his money.

In Topic: New York Times article on Jameis Winston

Today, 05:00 AM

Thus the saying "innocent until proven guilty"..


Your understanding of the legal system is completely warped.


That does not mean anyone is ever proved innocent.


All people are assumed to be innocent and they have to be proved guilty. No court in the history of the civilized world has ever proved anyone innocent of anything, that's not what they do.


Before you jump in with your ridiculous paranoia with your bla bla, you're calling Winston guilty, actually read what I've written.

In Topic: Test Your GM Skill. Name An Upcoming Jaguar Draft Pick

Yesterday, 05:15 AM

Just to be different, Bortles.