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In Topic: Jaguars' Best Players? Most potential?

Yesterday, 10:47 AM

I think Robinson is going to be special, as will Lee. But Robinson has the size to be really something nice.


I see it the other way. I think Lee has a much higher ceiling and but also major bust potential whereas the worst you'll get from Robinson is Ernest Wilford.

In Topic: New York Giants hire David Tyree who is against Gay Marriage

Yesterday, 10:40 AM

I think we would all do well to not care so much about things that don't really affect us.


I mean.. let's face it, our country is rapidly going down a certain fecal creek without a certain implement to control the boat... and we care about these kinds of things? I honestly think it's all just a smoke screen that politicians use to make us not think about our crippling debt and the fact that China owns more and more of us every day.


THAT's the truth.. and most of us took the bait, hook, line and sinker.


I don't disagree with you that vast amounts of the horse poop that comes from the mouths of those in power is spit shine to a turd and I don't disagree that making a huge issue out of gay rights (for either side) can be very beneficial to a bunch of crooks (on either side) who don't want to be held to account for being useless.


That doesn't change the fact that there is inequality and that it is still a real issue that affects a lot of American families.


Just because it isn't a big of an issue as national debt or war in the middle east, doesn't mean we should just ignore it, sometimes the small things matter too.

In Topic: Jaguars' Best Players? Most potential?

Yesterday, 09:21 AM


1. Scobee

2. Posluzny

3. Marks

4. Clements

5. Gerhart



1. Bortles

2. Joeckel

3. Lee

4. Cyprien

5. Allen Robinson

In Topic: New York Giants hire David Tyree who is against Gay Marriage

Yesterday, 02:52 AM

Sure it's legal. It's legal to be gay. Eh, don't bring up sodomy laws. Those are just as archaic and funny as the no walking your elephant on main street after 5PM laws. They're also just as meaningless.


I don't care who gets married either. If it doesn't affect me I don't understand why I should care enough to even have a vote about it.


We are pretending marriage is some sacred thing. It's a piece of paper that makes it hard to break up.


Let 'em do what they want. Unless it makes me poorer somehow.. then I'd be upset. Otherwise.. none of my frigging business.


You might not care, but other people, some of whom are elected officials who run the country, care enough and are scared enough of change to block it.

Whatever you do or don't care about, you should very much care about that.

In Topic: New York Giants hire David Tyree who is against Gay Marriage

29 July 2014 - 05:04 PM

you missed an edit. (prob intentionally) 


No, I was quick to reply. Don't try and play the victim, its unbecoming.


I hadn't thought of incest, I guess its very possible those perverted, easily led, straight sheeple could be convinced to start going for their sisters. How can we let this madness continue?!?! Ban marriage now!