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In Topic: AJ Cann

Today, 03:06 PM

Cann vs. Beadles and Wiz vs. Bowanko is much better competition then we have had in the past few years. No more Brewster vs. McClendon


Thank the lord...man that was depressing. 

In Topic: AJ Cann

Today, 03:06 PM

AJ is our starting RG for the future. Not sure he starts over Beadles this year, but it definitely lights a fire under his arse


You mean LG?

In Topic: Under more pressure this year, Bortles or Bradley?

Today, 01:25 PM

Bradley is not going anywhere. He is a big reason why players are starting to want to come to Jacksonville. There is a definite urgency to win this year but I don't think it's a pressured feeling.



Guys like Fowler, Bennett, and co. don't fit nearly as well if you take out Bradley, Wash, etc.

In Topic: Michael Bennett = steal of the draft

Today, 01:03 AM

I agree and also think that if Bradley screws up the games this year and doesn't produce wins then they need to find a different direction at HC.  Caldwell has been bringing in the talent, Bradley has got to do something with it.


Although I agree, I don't see how much of what has happened is his fault. Our O-line was absolutely terrible last year, he had Gabbert/Henne up until week 4 last year than went to a rookie QB that was viewed as raw or needed time to develop. All of our WR's were rookies besides Shorts last year that produced basically. With the talent we brought in on defense, we saw just a little glimpse of what we can do, and that's with some holes still being on defense and no premier pass rusher.


I don't know, I guess I just don't see how he could have done much better up to this point with what he has been given. I think that these first two years need to be basically tossed out the window. This is the year where we need to start seeing some hope, as I said, 5-7 wins should mean Bortles and co. is starting to show something but still developing, and a lot of our talent are 1st/2nd year players and still improving.

In Topic: James Sample. I think this kid can play.

Yesterday, 10:07 PM

Gotta watch tape, not highlights.


I like what I've seen from him though.