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In Topic: The Brian Hoyer era in Houston is about to begin

Yesterday, 11:04 PM

QB hell?? I don't know about that. O'Brien showed he has some ability when it comes to making QBs successful. He did a good job with McGloin & Hackenberg at Penn State, then he came & helped Fitzpatrick to his best season ever. QB hell would be spending a top 10 pick on a QB when you have no one with any track record to speak of to develop said QB. All the while passing on the best defensive player in the league today.

Then doing it again in 2014... & there's still no one on the Jag's staff who's had any success developing QBs.

not gonna lie that stung a little

In Topic: Trade Down Tale of the Tape

Yesterday, 10:50 PM

Well if a team really wants Williams, Cooper, or White they will trade up with us.... I hope.

what If they want to trade up for a different player !!!????!

In Topic: Trade Down Tale of the Tape

Yesterday, 10:44 PM

None..... No one would be calling to trade up with us for either QB because Oakland at 4(the pick after ours) Doesn't need a QB. If one or both QB's were there at 3 then no one would call us because there is no fear that Oakland or even us(The Jaguars) would draft 'em(Winston or in this case Mariota). If any trade were to happen to grab a QB it would be for the number 4 spot with Oakland because Washington at 5 is a reasonable threat to draft one.

However I believe if we had any chance at trading down the target would be for either Williams from USC, or one of the WR's Cooper or White because Oakland could reasonably be in the mix to draft one of them. And if any team is in love with either prospect then they would want to "leap frog" Oakland.

P.S. Teams don't trade up to "leap frog" another team by 2 or 3 spots especially in the 1st round let alone in the top 5 of the draft. They try to "leap frog" the other team by 1. Look at the 2014 draft when the bills "leap frogged" over the Oakland raiders to grab Sammy Watkins at number 4. They didn't want the Raiders to take him before they could so they traded up. That's usually how it works. Teams don't trade for the number 3 spot so that number 5 doesn't draft them. They'll strike a deal with the number 4 spot a save just a little bit extra for themselves.

With all this being said I hope we draft a WR at 3, Cooper or White (doesn't really matter to me because I believe they both will be good pros) for BB5 or we trade down.

gosh! How will we trade down if no one will trade up ????

In Topic: Who's your pick at 3. No Trade Options

26 March 2015 - 11:15 PM

I watched a Leonard Williams highlight and looked briefly at the combine circle thingies. After this exhausting evaluation process I voted for Vic Beasley

In Topic: Grade The Jags First Wave of FA *Signings (*unofficial)

12 March 2015 - 01:03 AM

When know, when Thomas is on the other end of good QB play, what Thomas is capable of achieving. Like anyone else with the Jaguars, his success depends on Bortles. Whether or not he duplicates the 12 TD seasons is irrelevant. Without him, we don't have the potential at a TE that can catch 12 TDs, and Bortles doesn't have a legitimate red zone threat.

There's a lot of speculation that Thomas was a product of Manning, but if you have seen his TDs, then you'd see that many of them are because of Thomas's physical abilities and talents.

Some were because he outran a defender.

Some were from a double-move that left him all alone.
Some were from a catch in traffic with multiple defenders hanging off of him.

Some were over-the-shoulder catches with arms extended.

He can line up anywhere on the line. He's too fast for most LBs, and he's too big for most CBs. He's a legitimate threat.