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Yesterday, 11:28 PM

9 times out of ten when he gets a chance to pin a team inside their 20 he kicks it in the endzone.

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Yesterday, 11:26 PM

this guy before making this thread



In Topic: Bortles was bad...but.

Yesterday, 09:53 PM

I know bortles played bad yesterday...but I have a funny question has he improved? To me improvement would be 0 int in a game, take care of the football. Again when people say Peyton Manning threw 27 int his rookie year
what they don't talk about is the games Peyton went 30/48 330 3 TD 0 Int. That what I want to see from Blake.

Peyton also had Marvin Harrison and Marshall faulk while bortles has Rookies

In Topic: Anger

Yesterday, 09:48 PM

He's really not that good.

Agreed he has been very mediocre

In Topic: Anger

Yesterday, 09:31 PM

Time to replace