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In Topic: The perception of the Jacksonville Jaguars

Today, 10:34 PM

Yes, a movie portrays the genuine perception everyone has about the the Jaguars. That's the real world.

Did I say that or you talking out of your earhole again?  Don't bother answering cause we all know the answer.

In Topic: The perception of the Jacksonville Jaguars

Today, 10:33 PM

Regarding "Draft Day", well when it was made the Jaguars had been pretty bad for quite awhile.  It is probably not a reach to portray the front office as not knowing what they were doing.  We know things have (by all appearances) have changed, but as you say, that will have to be reflected on the field before the average fan outside of Jacksonville will understand.  By the way, I've never seen the movie, any good?

The movie was pretty good.  Over dramatic at times but that is hollywood.  The GM did a big Gene Smith move.

In Topic: Bortles Developing Faster than anticipated?

Today, 04:36 PM

You hear/see nothing but good things with him.


I am interested in seeing how he performs in the preseason.


Russell Wilson was the backup his rookie camp. He played lights out in the first two preseason games as the backup. Started the third game and played well again. 


He was too good to not start.

Be very careful with preseason assessments.  Gabbert looked great in preseason games.

In Topic: Do you think Storm Johnson can win the RB job from Toby Gerhart?

Yesterday, 11:11 PM

Let the best man win.  I personally think it's easily Gerharts job.  If storm johnson can do it better than he deserves the nod and is a homerun pick.

In Topic: D.Gratz Debate

Yesterday, 10:17 PM

This whole arguement is ridiculous


1. Gratz was a rookie who missed time. Colvin has yet to take and NFL snap.


2. Who really cares how someone gets beat at the first day of pads.  The defense is already at  disadvantage because they have not been allowed to hit up to this poiint.  It's practice.  Anyone can look like a star in practice.  I miss the old days of training camp.  Where a defender would knock a rookie out for certain plays.  Sadly the NFL had gotten really soft by turning the game into basketball on grass.