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How bad has this defense been through 3 weeks? Inside the numbers

Today, 12:21 PM

We have heard the excuses


*but the QB play sucked

*but the time they are on the field

*but but but


The truth is this defense sucks no matter what.  They play just as awful when they are fresh as they do throughout the game.  Lets go inside the numbers and see where this defense ranks in the NFL.


Total Defense:      32nd

Points per game:  32nd  (over 8 points more than the terrible bucs)

Yards allowed:      32nd

Yards per play:     23rd

Allowed 1st dwns: 32nd

3rd dwn pct allwd: 25th

Pen against:         27th

TOP against:        32nd  (30 more seconds than the raiders)


That is just atrocious across the board.  What happend to Seattle of the south, or Bradley the defensive guru?  Why is babich still here?

This team might not win all year

Yesterday, 04:03 PM

Bortles was a spark and provided some much needed life in this team.  That being said, the issues are far deeper than just QB.  We got spanked 30-0 in our own house at halftime.  We haven't even been in the neighborhood of winning a game since the 1st quarter of week 1.


So whats all the problems?  Literally there are dozens but lets just list the main issues


1. This is the worst offensive line in the league. They can't run block and they can't pass block.  Allowing free runners to kill your QB is a recipe for disaster.


2. There is very little pass rush.  Qbs get too long to pass against this team.  Every QB we faced has had 5+ seconds in the pocket. 


3. Too many blown coverages.  Atleast a couple of times a game there is a receiver running wide  open  for a deep pass against us.  Unacceptable.


4. Poor play calling on both offense/defense.  How many times do we have to see gerhart run that stretch play for 0 yards? They run is multiple times every game and don't understand it does not work.  What about the short passes on 3rd and long?   Why do we play a soft 4 man pass rush on every 3rd and long?  Time and time again the Qb's get all day in the pocket and get the 1st down.  The d coordinator constantly calls that fake blitz only to see this team get torched on 3rd and long.  Playcalling just sucks on both sides of the ball.


5. The coaching and scheme just suck.  Good coaches create a gameplan that maximizes the talent a team has.  The schemes they have in place do not match the talent of this ball club and they do not change it.  The same things are not working and they keep bashing their head against the same wall.  The coaching staff is failing this team.


6. The players.  Too many mental errors.   The players are either confused or just not prepared to play on Sunday. 


Unless there is dramatic improvement I cannot see this team winning a game all year.  This team has regressed from last year.  If this rebuild continues like this it maybe another 10 years before we see an acceptable football team here in Jacksonville.


19 September 2014 - 09:49 PM

That is how bad the colts outscored us in the last 3 games.  Will it be more of the same and get embarrassed at home or will this team dig deep and find a way to play solid football?

Dave and Gus. Is it too much to ask to put a competitive team on the field. Inside the...

15 September 2014 - 09:38 PM

Yes we hear the excuses: young team, rebuild, new coaches, injuries, etc etc.


After 2 offseasons with one of the best cap situations in the league the Jags look worse than when Mike Mularkey was here.  The Jags may have doubled the win total but got destoryed most of the season. Mularkey atleast had this team competitve most of the year. I know its like comparing diarrhea to mud chunks but that;s how bad this team has been.  Lets go inside the numbers and see what this regime has put on the field in 18 games.


Record:  4-14


Point Differential: -250 Yes you are reading that right.  Outscored by 250 points in 18 games.  WOW


Points Per Game: 15


Points Per Game Against:  29.1


3rd down percentage: 30%


3rd down percentage opponent:  42%


Jags Rush Yds/Gm  95


Rush Yards allowed per game 165


Pass Yards per game: 233


Pass Yards allowed per game: 266


Total Yards Per Game:  286


Opponents Yards Per Game: 385


Overall Turnover Ratio:  -5


I could keep going but they just keep getting more depressing.  It does not matter how much you slice it.  This not acceptable for and NFL team period.  The excuses are getting real old.

In Gus we Bust?

14 September 2014 - 03:04 PM

I've been behind Bradley but I think it's time to call him and the coaching staff direction into question. I know we have a young team and in the middle of a rebuild. That does not excuse this team being blown out on a consistent basis.

They keep preaching being competitive but are not competitive on gameday. The offense is horrendous, the play calling is terrible, and the team seems unprepared. At halftime this team comes out uninspired and out coached.

The defensive line gave cousins a century in the pocket and the secondary let receivers run wide open.

This team has enough talent to compete in most games. Sucking on offense, defense, and getting whooped most games is on the coaches. The schemes suck and is not working

-calling short passes on 3rd and long
-running a power back to the outside
-running the same Plays all game that dont work