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Game Balls.

Yesterday, 04:52 PM

The first game balls given out the seasons


Telvin Smith

Denard Robinson

Heck the whole defense should get one

The Official Crow eating thread. I'm taking a big first bite. +/-'s

Yesterday, 04:34 PM

I came in here to gladly eat my big bowl of crow after predicting the browns would blow out the Jags. It was the other way around. I was wrong and happy to admit it. The Jags defense deserves all of the credit and shutting out the red hot 2nd half browns.  Looks like this team may be late bloomers.  Lets look at the positive and negatives


+Telvin Smith: This guy was the mvp of the game.  An int (should of have 2 with dropping one) A ff, a sack, and some great tackles including 2 for a loss. 

+Denard Robinson: This guy had a career high of 125+ yards rushing plus a td.  He beat his previous career high in the first quarter and did not fumble one time.  Have we found out starting Rb?

+Defense: They held the browns to 6 points but 3 of those were givin up by the offense. They made key plays when they had too. They also shut down the browns running game

+Special Teams: They tackled well, pinned the browns deep a couple of times, and got a turnover.

+Sendarick Marks:  They could not stop him all day.  If he was not chasing the QB he was batting down balls.

+Storm Johnson: He scored another TD in limited action


-Blake Bortles. This was by far his worst game of his career. Some stupid throws and doing too much. Hopefully he can bounce back next week

-Offensive Gameplan:  Why does this team just march down field in the 2 min offense but then don't keep playing it the rest of the game? Bortles seems to play better with stretching the field and finding the open receiver.  I thought we should play much more 2 min offense.

-Wasted timeouts: This can and will lose you tight games.


Blake Bortles: Inside the numbers. He is doing some great things

17 October 2014 - 11:32 PM

By far the one shining star to be on this team.  He was ready much sooner than the organization expected and is doing things on the field you just can't coach.  He is showing pocket awareness that you don't see in veterans.  Lets look inside the numbers and see how well he is performing.


Rating: 76  In 3 and a half games he has posted a positive rating in every game except one.  Dick lebeau for the steelers has made a career out of destroying young QB's so bortles gets a mulligan in the steelers game.  The other 3 showings were ratings all over 80. 


Yards: 1004 Thats a thousand yards in 3 and a half games, impressive.


Yards/Game: 251 If these receivers would stop dropping so many passes it would be much higher


TD/int Ratio: 4td/7ints This is the one thing about his game that anyone could complain about. Too many picks. Although you have to credit the receivers for various reasons with a couple of those picks


Completion percentage: 68%  This stat is mind boggling.  With the injuries  and drops by the receivers he is near the top of the league. Having a rookie completing near 70% of his passes is just unheard of.


3rd down QB rating: 90% Just insane.  He is top 5 in the league on the most crucial down in all of football. 


This is not even factoring thins like his awareness, toughness, guts,athletic ability and courage.  You can't coach that. 

*_______________* in this front office/staff is doing a good job and here is why.

14 October 2014 - 05:06 PM

I hear a lot of fans on here defending the coaches/assistants and wanting to stick with the plan.   So who in this front office and/or staff is doing a good job and why.


I can't name one

Average starting position for the Jags was their own 17 yard line

13 October 2014 - 08:34 PM

The Titans only scoring 16 points gave the illusion the defense played well.  The truth is they did not.  They allowed Jesus to torch us in the middle of the field and could never stop a drive and allowed the titans to flip the field all game long.


This forced the offense to drive 80+ yards for the score.  Simply you can't ask that of this team.