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Jaguars practice squad history. Any players amount to something?

Yesterday, 06:44 PM

The practice squad rarely has players develop into starters league wide. There is that rare James Harrison player who does come in and makes a difference.  Has the Jaguars ever had a practice squad player develop into a solid starter?.

Bortles 2014 preseason is over. Your Grade?

28 August 2014 - 10:32 PM

Let's get the Bad out of the way:


-His footwork, especially in the pocket needs work. At times he looks goofy throwing the ball. His arm strength compensated for some of his throwing motion. His footwork  will take the most time to master but he has made a ton of progress since college.


The Ugly:


-Even though he was credited with 0 int's, realistically he almost threw 4 in the preseason. He was caught by the defense a few times staring down routes.  He got lucky 4 times this postseason.  He has to learn to throw the ball away sometimes.


The Good:


+Fortunately the good outweighs everything. Bortles just has tremendous arm strength.  We have seen him time and time again make big throws with little effort.  Look at this throw against Atlanta for example.  The Ball is in the air for 50 yards and he does not even step into the throw




+He also is a risk taker. (Favreish)  It's going to get him in trouble with turnovers but will also get him some huge plays. He threads the needs and isn't afraid to take a risk. 


+Bortles is athletic and can throw on the run.  He is not only strong enough to shrug off tacklers but quick enough to get to the outside and throw the ball accurately on the move.  You can't coach that.


+The Biggest positive is the vertical passing game.  It's fantastic to see a QB in the Jaguar uniform who slings the ball downfield. We have not had a vertical QB since Byron Leftwich.  I look forward to see many big plays when he takes over


Overall:  Solid A from me.  You really could not ask for him to do much more with the talent on the field.


He finished this preseason with: 64% completion percentage, 520 yards passing, 2 td's, 0 ints, Rating well above 100, and YPA over 10.  WOW!

Rookie QB Grades via nfl.com. Borltes aced it

26 August 2014 - 10:07 PM

Wow this guy has looked good every time he is behind center. 



NFL Poll: How many games will Blake Bortles start this year?

24 August 2014 - 11:10 AM

I know Gus/Caldwell said the whole red shirt year thing but it's obvious Borltes is miles above where anyone thought he would be.  When does he get the nof?

Rewatching Jags@Lions. Bortles= You can't coach that. What week does he start?

23 August 2014 - 09:12 PM

There are certain aspects of Bortles game that you simply can't coach.  From the Laser throws (cannon arm) to the standing in the pocket tall against the rush(anti gabbert.)  He also is very Tall and less likely to get balls batted down (anti-henne)  Watching Henne and watching Bortles is like night and day.  Bortles is also accuarte on the run and thats a trait few Qb's posses. 


Throwing the ball before the receiver makes his break is a thing of beauty and we haven't seen in a Jags uniform since Brunell.


I can understand Dave and Gus not wanting to throw Bortles in there with the oline problems but Bortles is simply the better QB.  I am saying Bortles will be in there in week 5.


I do believe Bortles is miles ahead of what Dave/Gus thought he would be so maybe that's why the whole red shirt for the year talk. Eventually better talent wins out.