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These are players that really need to show something.


The Joke Joeckle:   Tired of seeing this guy get knocked on his cornhole or ran back in the QB.  This is the second overall pick and has played like a bum in the pass protection game.


Andre Branch: (probably cut)  He is mr invisible. Most of the time you don't even know he is on the filed because he does nothing.  Stiff as a board


TJ Yeldon:  I know it was his first action but he went nowhere beyond the LOS.  One catch and run was his highlight real.  The only memorable play was him getting rocked at the goal line. 


The whole defensive line:  QB's are falling asleep in the pocket.  Bradley better start calling blitzes cause this dline isn't sacking anyone.


Aaron Colvin:  I haven't seen anything impressive this preseason.  He got slapped like a red headed step child against Golden Tate for the long TD.  I for one maybe had my expectations too high for him but believe him to be a real playmaker.  The whole defense has 0 ints.

Lets throw out some positives

25 August 2015 - 08:43 PM

*The center position is set.  Last year we had a disaster start at that position.  We got a solid vet in there who knows the system and can play.  Bowanko is almost just as good so there is depth.


*Bortles is getting it.  Keeps his eyes down field, accuracy and velocity has increased, Looks poised in the pocket, Strong while avoiding sacks, and has a pair. I believe Caldwell is safe. Bortles looks to be a QB on the rise


*This is the best receiver group this team has had in years. Yes they drop too many balls but they are atleast getting open and giving the QB a chance to make a play.  Gone are the days of constant 9 man fronts against this team.  That whole Reggie Williams era was a disaster.


*The Secondary especially the CB position is talented.  Colvin, McCrary, and even Gratz are all young cb's with potential.  I personally believe Colvin is a star in the making.


*The Oline is giving their QB time to make a play.  Making the tough yards on 3rd and short, providing the QB with a clean pocket, and has some depth.  The one major critique is every once in awhile they break down and give the dline a free run at Bortles.  That could get our QB killed.

3 Weeks to go till the start of the regular season. What are the major concerns?

22 August 2015 - 11:58 PM

Pass Rush should be close to the top of everyone's list.  I have seen very little of it so far. (cap capi will not make a difference against starters)  It's hard to say what kind of shape Marks will come in and does old man clemons still have it?  It's a concern


Receiver Reliability.  Lee cannot stay healthy, Hurns is a crapshoot to make the catch, while the rest of the group outside of Robinson are unproven. 


Protecting the QB: Two weeks in a row the starting oline made a stupid mistake and gave a Dlineman a free run at the QB.  This simply cannot happen. IF Bortles goes down cause of poor oline play you might as well write  the season off right now.

Signs of Progression from Bortles

15 August 2015 - 08:33 PM

Lets chuck the math out of the equation and look at the eye test.  I saw a QB who looked comfortable in the pocket and kept his eyes downfield. His wobbly duck seems to be gone replaced with a tight spiral. I saw confidence.  There were 2 plays that really stood out.


Play 1:  Mid to late 1st quarter.  I believe it was the Joke Jokel whiffed on James Harrison.  Borltes saw the rush, stepped into the pocket and made an attack throw for the TD.  He did overthrow the ball but it shows he made the right decision.


Play 2: I believe this was in the early second quarter (few beers)  Bortles throws a deep accurate ball right on the money to Clay Harbor on a deep crossing route.  If Harbor catches it he was going to score.  Butterfingers ruined the play.

Over/Under on Blake Bortles 2015 season.

12 August 2015 - 08:25 PM

The media has seem to bought in to his improvement.  I'm betting 22td and 12 ints myself.  That is very optimistic.