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In Topic: Chip Kelly already plotting to trade up for Mariota?

Yesterday, 08:40 AM

They'll want to trade with us because we're basically the first available slot who won't need a QB. They vent risk waiting cuz another team can decide to trade with us instead and they'll lose their guy

Plus I feel that dave would take the deal offered to Oakland or Washington and wouldn't be asking for a premium just because it's pick 3 vs 4 or 5.

In Topic: Jags, Titans showing interest in Shane Ray

Yesterday, 08:34 AM

One thing I don't like is taking players that could only be good Leo's and not good traditional defensive ends.
Gus might get fired and we might get a new coach with a different philosophy, and then we might be "stuck" with a bunch of tweeners

This is why I still like Williams the best...could play just about every role on the DL regardless of scheme except for DPR.

In Topic: Jags, Titans showing interest in Shane Ray

28 February 2015 - 04:08 PM

Maybe they don't call. Maybe they don't really like Mariota.

It's a moot point because there is no way Dave drafts a QB.

And what if the case plays out like last year where the pick after us gets traded...

Jags won't go QB neither will Oakland so let's wait til pick 5 to trade...To make sure they jump NYJ who might.

If it's Winston//Williams then all your Leo//Otto//OL need guys are similarly valued and no one is calling you because they have 2 shots behind your pick to jump NYJ why not force the issue?

You have to be sold that Mariota is a capable Pro-bowl caliber talent and not a Jimmy Clausen type and I'm sure that a team that really wants him would jump up to 3 and Jags wouldn't be asking more than picks 4//5 would...but for the hypothetical you could be the one team that has the QB chip if others want to play.

I can just hear//see the moaning if we get Fowler then Oak trades back to 6//12//20 and still gets leo//otto type.

In Topic: Jags, Titans showing interest in Shane Ray

28 February 2015 - 03:47 PM

Obviously if Leonard Williams is a stratosphere above everyone else like you say, teams are going to make calls for him whether Marcus Mariota is available or not.

You continue to not make any sense to me...

In Topic: Jags, Titans showing interest in Shane Ray

28 February 2015 - 12:47 PM

Force a trade? How exactly do you "force" a trade?

Maybe no one wants to trade for him and we are stuck with him and Blake. Waste of a pick.

If it's Williams then a big gap on your big board with all the tweeners being near equal in value and this draft seen as only a 2 QB draft and people saying you wouldnt...

You call the bluff and now teams have to go through you if they want one of the top 2 QB.

It's very risky and not really advised but you don't think any of these would call? Cleveland//NYJ//Philly//STL (if they deal Bradford)