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Connor is a really great player. He has good cover skills, but has too much run support to truly be labeled as a "nickleback". Ole miss plays that 4-2-5 D which allows multiple looks from the secondary. He would be considered more of an OLB, but I expect once Elston graduates, he will move to the SS spot. He is a heck of a player though. His first career snap ended with him getting a pick. Once Prewitt and Elston leave, expect the back 2 of the Landshark D to consist of Conner at the SS and possibly Anthony Alford (2nd rd pick of the Blue Jays a few years back, fun fact) to man the FS

No longer on the team...


Look for Freshman CJ Hampton to take that spot.



In Topic: Next Year Hopefully we get these two guys.

21 October 2014 - 03:55 PM

No, actually Prewitt is the FS and Elston is the SS (or as they call it, Rover).  Prewitt plays deep the majority of their plays.  I have no idea what you are watching if you think its the other way around.  There's no hope for you.


Obviously our definitions of FS//SS differ.


I see a SS as your physical safety who is more adept in run support but can also cover TEs but you wouldn't want them lining up against slots or quick wrs.  I see a SS as a safety that plays more in the box and makes a majority of his plays in the 12yards or less off the line.  He has decent speed but usually doesn't have the recovery speed to catch up if burned deep.  Stiffer hips and plays more like a LB.


I see a FS as your speedy safety who is more adept in pass support and has near sideline to sideline range.  You don't mind them covering wrs but wouldn't necessarily ask them to come into the box and shed blocks and take on a RB head to head on a running play.  Recovery speed being one of the biggest traits....usually plays high and is your safety valve in coverage and is mostly seen over the top in coverage. 


My definitions could be wrong however as I haven't been breaking down "tapes" for 10+ years...maybe in 2025 my definitions will match yours.

In Topic: Next Year Hopefully we get these two guys.

21 October 2014 - 03:40 PM

No, that last video is a cover 3.  Elston is playing deep middle, Prewitt is playing deep right and the LCB is playing deep left.


Elston is indeed playing the Deep Middle...I was trying to articulate that Prewitt was playing more middle level as in (10-12yards off the line).


Prewitt to me doesn't have the hips//range//recovery speed as was evidenced in the video.


As for titles along the Ole Miss Defense they have a ton that aren't normal...and while Prewitt is labeled a FS his play style to me resembles more of what a conventional SS does in the NFL (playing downhill//Enforcer and not an over the top trailing//recovery speed type like a FS usually is)


Would anyone who watches OM really call Tony Conner a nickel corner?  He is a husky and plays more of a LB//Safety Hybrid role.


Same with OLBs being called Stingers and the Roaming Safety being called a Rover.  In Ole Miss' 4-2-5, the safety roles vary compared to the conventional 4 DB set ups or Nickel packages.

In Topic: Next Year Hopefully we get these two guys.

21 October 2014 - 12:53 PM

Notice in the final one #7 the rangy FS Elston is coming over the top and Prewitt is playing middle coverage.  


Prewitt excels in the Middle zone and run support as you can see in the videos//his 75 int return where he was in robber coverage.  He is not an over the top single high FS.   Great Player but he isn't running with WRs deep or coming across to break up deep passes.



In Topic: Next Year Hopefully we get these two guys.

21 October 2014 - 12:46 PM

No, no, no. Prewitt is not a near line guy. He plays the center field spot for Ole Miss. He is exactly what we need at the FS spot.


Trae Elston is the FS for Ole Miss...


Prewitt is the middle range robber and  Downhill thumber like Chancellor is for Seattle.


Prewitt isn't the guy you want playing single deep centerfield...he doesn't have the range//speed for that role.


This is what Cody Prewitt does//Plays:






This is Prewitt covering Matthews: