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In Topic: New York Times article on Jameis Winston

Today, 09:53 AM

Well when the people who are supposed to prove or disprove guilt wait a few months before doing their job...


Which is why, if Winston is innocent, he got royally screwed by the police.  

In Topic: New York Times article on Jameis Winston

Today, 09:49 AM

Being a member of The Cleat Chasers club, her agenda was to have sex with athletes. That's what they do.. That's an agenda..


I thought by "agenda" you meant she had some sort of ulterior motive in reporting a rape.  Wanting to have sex with athletes, well if that's an agenda, then a hundred million women have an agenda.  Just like you might have an agenda of wanting to have sex with supermodels.   But what does that have to do with whether she got raped? 

In Topic: New York Times article on Jameis Winston

Today, 09:43 AM

Yeah, I definitely agree that the police flubbed this mess.. But even with the big flub, there's too many indicators that the woman had an agenda and wanted to exploit..


I don't see an agenda.   What agenda would she have?    So far, she's had to pay for a lawyer and she's taken a ton of abuse.   Why would she do this if she didn't actually believe she got raped?  

In Topic: New York Times article on Jameis Winston

Yesterday, 07:38 PM

Obviously her lying or inconsistencies are a big reason they didn't prosecute. Maybe she is a liar because she is a liar. Maybe she lied because she felt intimidated or just wanted someone to know she was raped, but didnt want out someone as high profile as Jameis and changed her mind. Maybe the family convinced her she was raped when she wasn't. I mean there are so many reasons for why she lied. Add that to her having a twitter account named cleatchasers doesn't help her credibility. Ultimately it leaves more questions then answers.


Then again, maybe she's not lying.  


She's certainly persistent.   She's not giving up.   The police did bungle the investigation.   There was a tape that was destroyed by a witness.   And there was the other young woman who wound up in counseling after a consensual sexual encounter with Winston.   What happened to that other young woman that was so weird/depressing/creepy she wound up seeking counseling?  


They did find his DNA on the one who accused him of rape and he admitted having sex with her.    What would motivate her to accuse him of rape if it was consensual?   She would have been better off just letting it go.   But she didn't.   She came forward and pressed the case.  


Something isn't right here.   Sometimes you can just look at the totality of the facts, and say, something bad happened to her and to that other girl, too. 

In Topic: New York Times article on Jameis Winston

Yesterday, 04:13 PM

Probably because of posters like badger. Do I want to believe it's not true? Of course. Do I have a rooting interest for it not to be true? Of course. But there are serious allegations that the case was mishandled. If there is truth that is being hidden then I want it uncovered. Jameis still has not been charged with anything. And we are still at he said/she said.


But now it's he said/she said/she said.   There is a second woman with an interesting story.   It was in the article:  


"A month before the rape accusation became public, the university’s victim advocate learned that a second woman had sought counseling after a sexual encounter with Mr. Winston, according to the prosecutor’s office. The woman did not call it rape — she did not say “no.” But the encounter, not previously reported, “was of such a nature that she felt violated or felt that she needed to seek some type of counseling for her emotions about the experience,” according to Georgia Cappleman, the chief assistant state attorney, who said she had spoken with the advocate but not with the woman."


Now, that does sound like a third-hand story, but nonetheless, it would interest me enough to wonder if they are going to find out something that will make him undraftable.