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Today, 09:24 AM

And yet, if one of those FGs had been good, then we would be 2-2 and atop the division and the rebuild would be right on schedule, and people would be all enthused about our prospects.  


"Look, we haven't even played well, we don't even have half our players, and yet we are in first place!  Gus and Dave are geniuses!"  

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Yesterday, 11:36 AM

what is that going to accomplish other than having Gus gone? Do you think just having him gone is going to fix everything? Firing Gus just to be rid of him will solve nothing...Do you think that firing Gus now will magically make the receivers stop dropping passes right in their hands? Will it make the run game suddenly become wide open? Will it increase BB accuracy? Will it suddenly lead to more sacks and disruption to the qb? I doubt it


I'll tell you what it will accomplish.   It will tell all the prospective head coaching candidates that they will be coaching with a gun to their heads.  


The best way to attract good candidates is to show them that we gave Gus every opportunity to turn this thing around.   And that means at least let him finish out his 3rd season.  


We all (at least, most of us) said if we could get 6 wins, Gus could stay on one more year.   We've only played 4 games.   How could he possibly get 6 wins in 4 games?  


So, I agree with you.   I say, we have to show all the other head coaching candidates that we treat people right.   That we give them a full chance.   That we don't fire people on a whim or out of anger or to send a message.  

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Yesterday, 11:32 AM

I don't think anyone is advocating that there will be significant improvement.  The HC mostly sets the tone/culture of an organization.  By firing Gus, you simply will not have any more cheerleading for losses going on.  The OC and DC will still game plan as normal and the systems will not change until the Jags have a new HC.  Marrone (or whoever) can be the interim HC and ensure the team has practice schedules, game plans, etc.


I think the true gain is that the rest of the NFL world would now know we are searching for a HC so it gives Khan/Caldwell a head start.  I also think that this roster has more potential than what Mularkey started with.  That being said, I think the right head coach can truly turn this team around by next year (or at least show genuine progress) and either compete for the playoffs next year or at worst case in 2017.


The downside is, the prospective candidates will all know that Khan has a quick trigger on firings, and they may not feel like they will get a fair shake.   After all, they might think, Gus had one of the worst rosters of all time when he took over, and he got barely over 2 seasons before getting fired in mid-season.   Head coaching candidates might prefer to work for an organization that is not so trigger happy when it comes to firing their head coach.  


Think about it.   If you were a head coaching candidate, would you prefer to work for Pittsburgh, where they haven't fired a head coach in about 40 years, or would you prefer to work for some organization like Oakland that fires their head coach every other year?   I would think a head coaching candidate would prefer some job security and a full chance to turn the team around.   Two years and 4 games is not a whole lot of time to turn around the worst roster in the league. 

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Yesterday, 11:14 AM

Seriously... How much worse could it possibly get with a new coaching staff?


Coaching is a lot more than just the next game.  Coaching involves installing an entire system of offense and defense and that requires at least a complete offseason.   So if we change coaches now, we change nothing.    There's no way any coach can come in at mid season and make significant changes.  

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Yesterday, 11:12 AM

Gus is no TC. In fact, Gus is probably the farthest you can go from a Tom Coughlin type of coach.


Gus is probably no TC, but at that time, TC was no TC if you know what I mean.   All TC had in his resume was BC beating Notre Dame one time.   After that, all he had was one 4-12 season with the Jags.   So at 3-6, everyone wanted him fired.   I'm just saying, let it play out to the end of the year.   We all (at least most of us) said, Gus needs to go at least 6-10 with the arrow pointing up for him to keep his job.   So we're 1-3 right now.   Let it play out and see what happens.   This is his make or break season.   So at least let him finish the season.