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In Topic: Caldwell's Change in Approach?

Today, 11:39 AM

Trading down to a late 1st, gaining a 2nd, next year's 1st, and other picks? There are some good players down there, but no great ones. A lot depends on which picks and which team. What's the expectation for the 2016 slot, and how strong is the 2016 draft compared to this one? At least Caldwell is better than the Browns GMs.


I'm very much hoping for a trade down with the Jets, picking up their 2nd (a 3rd plus a 3rd next year would make it worthwhile). We'd still get the LEO we need at #6.


It would take very little to induce me to trade down with the Jets, because if you assume two QBs will go in the top 3, that leaves 4 picks of which we will get one: Williams, Fowler, Cooper, White.   Or Beasley if you are so inclined.    That's why it would take very little to get me to move to 6.   Maybe just a 2nd round pick this year.   But that's just me.   I know the value is more than that.   But I wouldn't be stubborn.   Because I would be almost just as happy with any one of Williams, Fowler, Cooper, White, whether I picked him at # 3 or picked him at # 6.  

In Topic: Draft Week is upon us. So, a few days out...who do you think the Jaguars will...

Today, 08:08 AM

I said they will draft Fowler and they should draft Williams, but I said that because I really have no idea.  


I would be happy with Williams or Fowler or Cooper.  I have no idea which one they will draft or which one they should draft.  


And that is actually a very very happy situation to be in.  

In Topic: #3

Today, 07:31 AM

I kinda agree with this too.. Except if we go RB in the first, i think they go leo/lb in the second..


We're not going RB at #3.   That ain't happening.  

In Topic: Post your trade scenarios

Today, 05:35 AM

Jets get pick 3. 


Jags get pick 6 and the Jets' 2nd round pick.   That's my absolute favorite trade.   We would still have our pick of players we wouldn't have minded picking at 3, and that second round pick would be pure gold with all the receivers and running backs available at that spot. 

In Topic: #3

Today, 05:31 AM

#1 objective should be to make blake an effective qb.  I hate to say it but JB is not coming back.  so do we take a leo at 3 or go with a wr? I actually have thought about Gurley at 3.  have to watch more films on cooper but he may be the best pick.  I want a LEO as much as most people do but Blake needs to prove he's the one.  we got some players on offense this off season to help but I wouldn't mind one more.  or two more.  thoughts? 


I think if Leonard Williams is on the board at 3 we have to either take him or trade down.   There's no way we should pass on the consensus best player in the draft.  


If we trade down, the ideal spot would be the Jets' pick at #6.  That would give us our choice of some premium players: Cooper, Fowler, White, etc. 


No way we should spend the #3 pick in the draft on a RB.   That is way too high.   I don't think Gurley will go before the 12th pick.