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In Topic: The Possibilities of Trading Back

Today, 10:43 AM

Our receiving unit caught 5 passes as a whole. That's inexcusable.


I put that more on the offensive line than anything else.  Blake had very little time to throw. 

In Topic: Here's the problem

Yesterday, 10:52 AM

There were only a few throws that could be made if Bortles were instinctive about the game. He's not at that level yet, and neither is Lee.


The disturbing part is watching the o-line repeatedly block two or three on one while guys run free up the middle. It's causing two problems. First it's letting pressure come straight up the middle which is troublesome for just about every QB in the league. Second it's walling Bortles in from escaping the pocket and making him a sitting duck.


The offensive line needs some major coaching. Maybe eventually Bortles gets to a point where he can recognize things to call out all of the protections like Manning does, but at this point the o-linemen have to do a better job of getting into synch without having to put it all on Bortles' shoulders.


And the responsibility would be on the offensive line coach, right?   Who is our offensive line coach?   Yarno?   Isn't he off somewhere battling cancer, leaving Luke Butkus, assistant offensive line coach, in charge?  That's what happened in preseason.   Or did Yarno come back?  

In Topic: Here's the problem

Yesterday, 10:36 AM

The disturbing part is the Jaguars inability in spite of dealing with the rush and pocket presence are Bortles strongest traits.


The o-line has been abysmal as has the scheming. Watching Lageman's film segment last night it was disturbing to repeatedly see two offensive linemen blocking one defender while blitzers came free up the middle.


Look at the last one.  There is a huge hole for Marqise Lee to run a slant.    And that is part of just being a competent offense.   When the linebacker and the safety come on a blitz from the same side of the field, a good QB/WR combo will make a sight adjustment and take that slant.  But it doesn't happen in that case, and that is a prime example of either coaching, or QB or WR not being on the same page or not knowing what to do.  



In Topic: Obama the Executive Order Hypocrite

Yesterday, 10:18 AM

If he's one thing it's a hypocrite that's for sure.


Who ever heard of a hypocritical politician?   Wow, that's a new one. 


Snarky comment aside, I agree that he overstepped is authority this time.   I don't think the President can decide for himself which laws to enforce and which to ignore. 


But the Republicans won't do anything because they are afraid of losing the hispanic vote forever.   So the chickens have come home to roost.   There are so many illegal aliens in the country, we can't do anything about it.   They are now too powerful politically, and deporting them would cripple the economy.   Time for a strategic retreat- secure the borders and legalize the ones that are here. 


Got to give Obama credit for chutzpah. 


"I'm going to do this, what are you going to do about it?  That's what I thought."  

In Topic: No Indictment for Ferguson Officer

Yesterday, 09:18 AM

Their not burning their community, most of those looters are not from Ferguson, it's outside agitators there specifically to cause chaos.


While they were announcing the decision, I saw a lot of young men, black and white, in all sorts of masks, in the crowd outside the courthouse.  Ski masks, bandannas covering their faces, etc.  It reminded me of those riots they had in Seattle when they had the G8 or something.   Anarchists.