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Today, 11:24 AM

We have never traveled (man or man-made object) out of our solar system.  The "pictures" of the milky way are renderings based on studies of similar galaxies and some math.  Pretty sure it is at least Algebra 2  :woot:


There are pictures of parts of the Milky Way galaxy from Hubble, but not of the entire galaxy itself.  


I think what we have a really good idea what is out there in every direction.  After that, they just sort of turn it so we're looking at the whole thing as if we were out in space.   I think they can do this pretty accurately.  

In Topic: Same sex marriages

Today, 10:58 AM

How can two men have sex and get pregnant?


How can two women have sex and get pregnant?


They scientifically CANNOT have children unless they were involved in a heterosexual relationship with the opposite sex to create the child at the time on conception. 


They (women) can then choose to enter a  lesbian relationship and give birth after the fact.


Men, can enter a gay relationship after help conceive a child in the heterosexual relationship after the fact.


What I said was, exactly, direct quote here, "gays and lesbians CAN have children biologically..."  And they can.  Just not with each other.   They can produce them biologically from a previous heterosexual relationship, or through surrogacy.


I never said, two men can have sex and get pregnant. 


You didn't read the link I provided, did you?   You said "interesting read" and you didn't read it. 

In Topic: Same sex marriages

Today, 10:44 AM

 Again the focus of the argument was simply do the majority of gay people adopt vs straight people. He didnt include specifics like biological reproduction.  Which was my whole point of the argument. Post data and numbers that support your belief, that was what I was looking for, 


That's one of the fundamentals when discussing a topic. Post data to support your claim. He was the one making that claim.


But as we have already seen, because you misunderstood what he was saying, you and he were arguing about two different things.  You still don't seem to see that. 

In Topic: Same sex marriages

Today, 10:38 AM



Again he stated the majority of gay couples adopt. I asked for a link. Gays and Lesbians cant have children biologically, hence the only way for them to raise children is through adoption which again I was asking the data for. How many GLBT Couples adopt children vs straight couples.


But he didn't say a majority of gay couples adopt.   He said a majority of gay couples who have children got them through adoption.  


So you are both wrong.   Since gays and lesbians CAN have children biologically, and since a majority of gays and lesbians who have children did NOT get them through adoption, you are both wrong. 

In Topic: Same sex marriages

Today, 10:33 AM

Sorry, disregard this post.