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Today, 03:06 PM



"Supremely gifted interior lineman with length, athleticism and elite power. Lined up just about everywhere along the line at one point or another. Able to jolt offensive linemen with powerful hands and is extremely hard to redirect for offensive linemen once he gets going downhill. Explosive hip snap to leverage blockers and is rarely moved from his gap. Often a read-and-react two-gapper and plays peek-a-boo with running backs while discarding blockers at will when he's ready to tackle. Too much play strength for zone blockers to cross-face him. Fires out with low pad level when playing the run and is difficult to submarine on short yardage. Has feet and brute force to recover and get back into a play after being beaten early. Dangerous pass rusher from twist game, showing big closing burst. Effort rusher who will eventually get home if single-blocked. Beginning to develop spin move as pass-rush counter. Showed intriguing potential as a pass-rushing end in space."


This guy sounds like Reggie White! 

In Topic: Obamacare’s Fate?

Yesterday, 08:23 AM

Now your being ridiculous


Do you really think politicians are sincere, honest people, who want to get something worthwhile accomplished more than they want to win the next election?

In Topic: A scenario exists where Jags could end up with 3 first round picks next year

Yesterday, 07:33 AM

I would use two of the 1sts to move up and get Joey Bosa. We would be set on the edge for the next decade. I would then draft Derrick Henry and bring him home.

We would still have plenty of caproom next year and could easily go after Alex Mack or Eric Berry.

Rebuild complete.


I saw Joey Bosa in the national championship game and I was extremely not impressed.  

In Topic: Obamacare’s Fate?

Yesterday, 05:26 AM

The politics of this are interesting.   A lot of Republicans are hoping the SCOTUS does not overturn the Obamacare subsidies, because they fear the backlash from the millions of people who lose their subsidies, and they don't want to lose the whole Obamacare issue.   To win elections you need issues to run on, and Obamacare has been a big help to the Republicans on a national level. 


Imagine if Obamacare was abolished, flag burning was outlawed, abortion was outlawed, all gay rights were overturned, and the Bible was put into the schools.   What would Republicans run on?   Tax cuts for the rich?   They'd lose every election. 

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23 March 2015 - 09:36 AM

He's in it to raise his profile and make money.