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In Topic: Social Security

Today, 01:55 PM

They didn't count some of the time she worked with the Federal Government.  It was very confusing. 


I know that some government workers do not pay into the social security system.   They pay into a different system.  Maybe that's what happened to her.  

In Topic: Same sex marriages

Yesterday, 07:12 PM

In your previous response.


I said you have to embrace it?   No, I did not say that.   Not even close.  

In Topic: Same sex marriages

Yesterday, 05:40 PM

So in 15-20 years I have to embrace Polygamy and Zoophilia if its legalized and become the norm in society?


No.   Where did you get that idea? 

In Topic: Same sex marriages

Yesterday, 05:34 PM

It was the act describing people have sexual relations with animals.


At first it was allowed, then censored. 


You mean [BAD WORD REMOVED]?  

In Topic: Same sex marriages

Yesterday, 05:33 PM

So let me get this straight, if I dont agree with the lifestyle, or have a viewpoint that it is immoral then I have not moved on like society has correct?


If we get to the point where we legalize Poligamy and Zoophilia im guilty for not keeping up with society and embraced the lifestyle correct?


You would not have evolved (or devolved) in the same way that society would have, that is correct.   Society would have moved on, and you would not have moved on.   You and society as a whole would have parted ways in those issues.   Why is this even a question?