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In Topic: Man is Suing Pizzeria for $260,000 After Robbing them at Gunpoint

Today, 05:49 AM

Just to be the devil's advocate on this, if the facts are as he has alleged, he has a point.   You have to follow the law and the constitution.   If you capture a criminal, at the point that he is defenseless, you are not allowed to be judge, jury, and executioner.   He is alleging that he was captured and defenseless and at that point he was administered a severe beating, and had boiling hot soup poured on him as he was held down.  


If he tried to rob the store, he is a criminal.   On the other hand, people who beat defenseless prisoners are also criminals.


Recently, a man in Detroit hit a child with his truck.  When he got out, a mob beat him half to death.  They became judge, jury, and executioner, and beat a man half to death. 


We don't allow mob justice or lynching.  We all have constitutional rights. 

In Topic: Planning a trip to the US West Coast

Yesterday, 04:59 PM

OK, so new plan:


Saturday: Arrive in San Diego and see whatever the city has to offer.

Sunday: Gameday, drive to Santa Barbara straight after game, skip LA.

Monday: Sight seeing in Santa Barbara, drive to Big Sur (have to check what part I want to see before committing)

Tuesday: More of Big Sur. Drive to San Fran in the evening.

Wednesday: Sight seeing in San Fran.

Thursday: Fly to Vegas, spent evening gambling and drinking irresponsibly.

Friday: Grand Canyon day.

Saturday: Fly to Jacksonville.

Sunday: Gameday.

Monday: Die from sleep deprivation.


I drove from LA to San Fran a couple of years ago, and to me, the highlights were, in order,


Santa Barbara (a really beautiful town, but should only take a couple of hours)

Cambria (one of those classic California rocky beaches, and hotels on the beach are cheap)

San Simeon (but you may want to skip this since it will take all day to see Hearst Castle)

And all the beautiful coastline.  There were lots of places to just park and look. 


As for Big Sur, we sort of sailed through it.  Maybe I was too locked in on driving, but I really didn't see that much there.


Anyway, you have a great plan.  Enjoy it. 

In Topic: Planning a trip to the US West Coast

Yesterday, 04:52 PM

DF, I'd suggest going to the SD game, driving up highway 1 along the Central Coast to SF, fly to Vegas, see the Grand Canyon, fly out of Vegas to JAX.


SFO->LAS is about $63 and LAS->JAX is about $175. That also hits every city and route on your list. Bingo Bango Bongo.


THAT's great advice.  ^^^

In Topic: Mercedes Lewis says "I don't believe anyone can cover me"

Yesterday, 01:45 PM

At least he doesn't get suspended. 


^^ Bingo.  

In Topic: Politics are ok?

Yesterday, 01:43 PM

what do you do with purple states?


Split it up three ways.  The purple states become the United States.   The red states become the United Red States.  The blue states become the United Blue States.