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In Topic: Ask a Bengals fan...

Yesterday, 09:12 PM

I think you have to consider where the Bengals played. They got blown out by the Colts and Patriots. I think they would have lost those two games at home too.

Maybe. The Bengals have been smashed by injuries this season.

But, for what it's worth, they beat both the Colts and Patriots in Cincinnati last season (they absolutely embarrassed the Colts,, and basically shut down NE).

Colts wanted payback this year and got it.

In Topic: ***Official Jaguars and Bengals Injury Reports***

Yesterday, 12:05 PM

Burfict is highly overrated

I disagree.
He is all over the field,, and very important to their defense.

Many of their defensive players have stated they follow Burfict's lead,, and feed off of his intensity.

Although he has a knack for some crucial penalties,, he is a monster on the field more often than not.

BTW:: If Maualuga is out also (he was last game), that's a big blow to Cincy. They'll be rolling with Lemur and Vinny Rey at LB.

Lemur is capable of good coverage at times, but that's a big drop off in talent for Cincy.

In Topic: What Bengals fans are saying

Yesterday, 10:35 AM

Why do you care about statistics dating from November 11, 2012? That date does not mean anything except they played on Veterans Day.

The only statistics that matter are those from this season. A different Bengals team lost to San Diego in the playoffs. A different Bengals team lost to Dallas in 2012.

How good are they at home in 2014? They would be undefeated there if Mike Nugent had not missed that chip shot attempt. On the road they have a losing record (1-2). They also are undefeated against divisional opponents, have a winning record in the AFC (3-2), and would be undefeated in non-conference games if Nugent had made his game-ending attempt. That miss against the Panthers also prevented them from breaking even on points, so they gave up one three more points than they scored.

JW,, I went back that far (NOV 2012) to illustrate that over the last 2 full seasons for them in Cincy (halfway through this season + all of last season + last half of 2012) they have only lost 2 games out of the last 17 home appearences.

It is basically the same Bengals team as last season and even the season prior (except that alot of their key players were much younger).

They have developed a real home field advantage there lately.
Their road games have nothing to do with it, since the Jags are playing in Cincy.

The reason their total points are skewed is because of those two embarrassing ROAD game blowouts to the Patriots and Colts.

They have not been on the losing side at home all year, which puts them at a very positive score differential in CINCY. They blew out the Titans and beat the Falcons handily.

IMO, the only way the Jags can win this week is if basically the Bengals do alot of dumb mistakes (similar to the Browns vs Jags this year).
If the Bengals don't get alot of stupid penalties (Andre Smith, Gresham, Burfict are terrible with that), they don't needlessly turn the ball over (Gresham, Tate, Dalton are certainly capable of turnovers), and Nugent doesn't choke on his FG attempts (he has not been very good this year),, the Bengals will win.

I think it'll be close. But, it'll take the Bengals shooting themselves in the foot alot for a Jags win.
The Bengals are certainly capable of "Bungling," but a I really don't expect that in Cincy.

We'll see.

In Topic: So I'm A Mod Now? Huh?

Yesterday, 01:47 AM

When did this happen??

Congrats Trav!! Well, maybe lol.

Good luck with that.

In Topic: What Bengals fans are saying

Yesterday, 01:45 AM

I think this game is winnable.

They struggle against the run and our run game is beginning to gain steam. DRob could have another big game this week. If Joeckel gets the green light to play this week that'd help too. He's a key in the run game.

Dalton and his giant contract don't scare me. A.J. Green does but he's coming back from injury. Sanu scares me more at this stage than Green.

If we can get after Dalton and Bortles doesn't spot them 14 points this game could be a win.

Their defense has been struggling pretty bad the past few weeks. Their secondary is getting up there (although Kirkpatrick is starting to play better now). Injuries really have decimated them on both sides of the ball lately (They'll still be without Eifert and Zeitler which are very important to them).

That said, I would think this game could be tight. But, Cincinnati is really starting to show a strong "Home Field Advantage" that they haven't had in a very long time.

Their home record is 14-2-1 since Nov 11 2012.

-Nugent missed a chip shot to win for the tie
-Lost their playoff to SD last Jan
-The last time they lost at home before that was by a last second FG to Dallas in Nov 2012

But hey,, that advantage has to slide back on them at some point, right?!

Bengals will win, but Jags will make it very interesting,, IMO.