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In Topic: ***Official Colts @ Texans Thursday Night Football Game Thread***

Today, 10:23 AM

Luck is out hesselbeck is in. I wonder if jj watt destroys the colts offense.

Apparently hesselback has a virus. Probably caught it from our sickly team last Sunday.

I have no doubt of Luck's injury. But, it looks like the Colts are very confident they can handle the Jags and Texans without him. Even though they are division "rivals," it doesn't seem like they consider these games as "big" ones.

Guaranteed he plays next week on Sunday night against the Pats. Really, you can't blame them for resting Luck during these couple AFCS games to get him healthy for the "big" ones.


In Topic: Post your Week Five Power Ranking

Today, 09:09 AM

Fair enough.

I'll be headed to Seattle for our game the following week. I've watched a lot of Seattle this season - I think our DLine is going to feast. We've played them close the last 4 times (had chances to win in two but shot ourselves in the foot). I like our chances.

If Cincy wins and we beat Seattle then all "they" will say is we beat a bad 2-4 Seattle team (which should have lost to Detroit) that is on the decline and we still haven't played anyone.

Well, if they beat Seattle up there, I won't say that stuff. Even though they are a little "down" this season, Seattle is not an easy place to get a win. Seahawks are involved in a lot of close games though,, they're not a team that blows out any decent teams,, just bottom feeders.

Carolina gets a win there,, I'll start to believe.

In Topic: Post your Week Five Power Ranking

Today, 09:00 AM

Have you checked out the Falcons' schedule? It's ridiculous how easy it is. They honestly may win 13 games this year. We have to sweep them to have a chance at the Division IMO.

But "they" all told us the NFCS was such a bad Division.

If we beat Seattle then some eyes will start to open. I prefer everyone discounting us though.

Please beat Tampa this weekend.

Seattle plays at Cincy this Sunday (I'm going to that game,, live close to Cincy and got to a few games per year).

Anyway, that will be a tough one. Cincy may give Seattle a loss, though they may not. If I were the Panthers,, I absolutely would not want to face the Seahawks in Seattle after they just lost a game. Better hop they win this week, or it could get real ugly in Seattle.

Anyway, I'll be the first to recognize if the Panthers start beating better teams. I'm just not convinced yet.

In Topic: Post your Week Five Power Ranking

Today, 08:49 AM

The NFCE is terrible. The Giants and Eagles both should have beaten the Falcons but they're so bad they couldn't close the game. They played Dallas with no Romo or Dez.

We didn't struggle with Houston. We had a 14 point lead with 7 minutes left and decided to put it on cruise control (which is stupid and something we've been guilty of the whole Rivera tenure).

This is what I mean by not expecting you guys to "really" know what is happening since you're not watching the games. It's no big deal....we're gonna get Luke and CJ back and we're going to keep winning.

But saying the Falcons clearly own the Division because they have won prettier or because they've had a tougher strength of schedule is just plan dumb. Especially when we have rocked them the past two seasons in their own Dome and Julio can't beat Josh.

I was just talking about this season so far. Of course they were dreadful last year.

Will Panthers sweep NFCE? Idk. But, I'll give you the Dallas game if Dez/Romo are back by then.

In Topic: Post your Week Five Power Ranking

Today, 08:19 AM

Panthers are back-to-back NFCS Champs, both teams are 4-0, yet the Falcons "clearly own the Division"? Hahah....ok. That makes sense.

Falcons have played a little better schedule so far. @NYG wasn't an easy game at all. They've also played Philly and Dallas (both teams are down right now),, but they've swept the NFCE to this point. We'll see if the Panthers do that (it's possible).

The one common opponent (Houston Texans):

Panthers kind of struggled with.
Falcons blew their doors off.