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In Topic: Anybody listen to the Kiper/McShay podcast for this week?

Today, 03:36 PM

I'm firmly of the opinion that we need to go offense early and often.

I'm with you. Try to get a real playmaker on this offense.
Although I think Hurns and Lee may end up being solid guys,, I'm not sold on them taking a big step up yet. It was reported last season that Lee was having trouble memorizing the playbook, and now has a new one to learn.
Of the 2 non-QB elite prospects,, I'd prefer they draft Cooper (if they don't, Williams wouldn't disappoint me either).

In Topic: Anybody listen to the Kiper/McShay podcast for this week?

Today, 03:28 PM

I think the two elite prospects that are non-QBs this year are Amari Cooper and Leonard WIlliams.

One of those two should be our pick at #3.

I agree. If these are the mostly consensus "elite" prospects,, they should take one of them.

In Topic: Players you didn't want to be a Jaguar that became a bust

Today, 01:39 PM

Really, a lot of this I'm basing this off is watching him. I see a very sporadic QB that is not clutch at all. He can't throw the ball past 10 yards to save his life. All he is is Matt Schaub and a game manager.
Maybe some Jags fans are just bias because he'd probably be an upgrade to what we've had here in the past, but go to any Bengal's message board and I doubt they are saying he's even an average QB.

The Matt Schaub comparison is a very good one,, I absolutely see that.

Fans on the Bengals forums are about mixed when it comes to Dalton (many think he sux, many think he's decent). He's very inconsistent. One game he'll look great,, the next he'll be terrible. Personally, I think he's average, and that alot of the Bengals problems stem more from just Dalton himself. But, that's just me.

Anyway,,, kind of back to the thread topic:

The Bengals drafted a guy that turned out to be a major disappointment (very similar to J Blackmon).

Odell Thurman LB from UGA

I believe they drafted him in the first round (I know they drafted David Pollack,, and with their next pick they took Thurman).

His rookie year,, he was an absolute machine. He was all over the field, making play after play.
Then he got suspended (substance abuse I believe), never cleaned up, and that was that. I think maybe he tried a stint in the XFL or Arena league later,, but he was not even close to being the motor he was as a Bengal.

They called him the "Thurmanator," that didn't last long, lol.

In Topic: Players you didn't want to be a Jaguar that became a bust

Today, 12:04 PM

Yes, because he carries the entire team on his back and he plays on both sides of the ball...
Seriously though, that team has been stacked on offense and defense. He's the one bringing it down. They'd be doing a lot better with a good QB.

That could be said for alot of NFL teams.
Anyway,, yes Dalton could be much better. But,, he wasn't near a top QB prospect coming out.
Plus,, I still firmly believe the Bengals playoff woes are mostly coaching. Marvin Lewis is 0-6 postseason,,, winning the AFCN twice and then getting embarrassed in 2 home playoff games before Dalton was even in the league.

Dalton has had 3 of his playoff games on the road,, with last season's game being ridiculously handicapped by injuries (Green, Gresham, Burfict, Mauluga, Eifert, Marvin Jones all were out). That's basically all their key players sans Hill/Bernard and Pacman Jones.

It's unlikely that an AFCN team gets 5 straight years of making it to the postseason. But if they do make it, and they lose again, Marvin Lewis likely will have to go.

In Topic: Players you didn't want to be a Jaguar that became a bust

Yesterday, 11:25 AM

Geno Smith
(although, I'm not sure if it's too early to officially say "bust," but it sure doesn't look good).