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In Topic: Congrats to D6...

Today, 02:05 PM

And certainly don't want that!

To me it seems like the Lions did not have to do anything to clinch a playoff berth except root for the Redskins.

Well, they had to root for the Redskins plus win enough games on their own to qualify for the playoffs.
So there's that.

In Topic: 2015 FA-RTs

Yesterday, 04:21 PM

To be honest,, I don't know anything about most of those guys. But, there are a few that look like they would be good upgrades.

Marshall Newhouse isn't too bad. He played some for Cincy this year. He's a good backup caliber guy,, but would probably still be an upgrade over what's on the right side now.

Eric Winston got picked up on the Bengals for right now, after Andre Smith went down. Winston looked really good last week against the Browns. I'm wondering if Cincy will sign him for next season, idk.


These guys would probably improve the right side.

In Topic: Finals matchups and possible advice

19 December 2014 - 09:28 AM

Yeah,, I'd hate to go against Rodgers the next week after his career worst game. Geez. Luckily, he gifted me a spot in my championship last week.

Good luck in your title games!

In Topic: Stop predicting blowouts

14 December 2014 - 10:13 PM

12 points.

12 points.

In Topic: Eugene Monroe

14 December 2014 - 10:07 PM

One flag for holding.

At the time, I admittedly thought LJ would turn into a better tackle, but I cam admit when I am wrong. Horrible move by Caldwell. Just horrible.

It doesn't look good at all right now, I'll agree there.

Give it a little more time though. Monroe didn't look as good when he started either. Most LT don't look good their first couple seasons (although many may not look as bad as LJ so far).