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Yesterday, 06:16 PM

The south has been red for decades and is among the poorest and least developed regions in the US.

California, New York, a good portion of the New England area, Detroit, Chicago (I think,, maybe I'm thinking of their gun problems), are among the top developed areas that are in financial straits. Wisconsin was in some financial trouble too, IIRC, until their conservative governing took over. Now, he did some very unpopular things to a lot of people in that state, but their finances turned around.

Texas seems to be doing much better than that. Florida too (I believe, but many of the posters here could say for sure).

Other smaller southern states, like where I live, are not near as strong economically, and more underdeveloped than those bigger places. But, our financial situation is not as dire as some of the "developed- more progressive" big boys.

That's what I was referring to. Yes, I know West Virginia is not near developed as California/New York. But that doesn't mean their financial situation isn't in much worse shape.

In Topic: Politics are ok?

Yesterday, 01:17 PM

Here's something I've never really received a sufficient answer on from our friends on the left. If liberal ideology is so great and works so many wonders, what's the problem in Detroit? It's been run by the left since the '60s. You'd think it would be a paradise by now.

In many cases, states/cities that have been almost exclusively Blue for decades are in serious economic/financial trouble. While states/cities that have been red for a long time are in much better shape.

Of course, there are outliers and exceptions, with many factors that play into it.
But, that is the headline fact that just glares out.

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23 July 2014 - 09:55 PM

I'm a registered Independent, right-leaning though.

I don't like the ACA. It hit my corporation hard, because we're a medical device manufacturer. In the ACA, there is a yearly 2.5% Excise Tax to any medical device companies. It costs the company approximately 25 Million dollars per year.

The Supreme Court passed ACA because it is a tax. The conservative judge (Roberts? I think) passed it because he said something like "The ACA is essentially just a tax, and the government can constitutionally tax the citizens."
I'm paraphrasing him, of course. But, I'm pretty sure that's what went down.

In Topic: Politics are ok?

23 July 2014 - 07:31 PM

It would also create an atmosphere where states absolutely would seek to harp down on fraud which is a huge problem with welfare.


This is a big issue to many people in my area of the country. Welfare fraud is rampant. It really is ridiculous.

I'm all for giving assistance to everyone that legitimately need it, as there are many cases that do.
However, there are so many people in my area that have been getting varying forms of "entitlements" for years, that have no business receiving them. There are jobs available, yet they won't (actually refuse to) work. Disability is also severely abused by many here who mow their lawns, dig/plant gardens, work on vehicles and homes,, etc.. Its sickening.
I've worked for a lot of years alongside many peers making a decent "middle class" wage. It sickens many of us to see quite many people in our area that are more than capable of working like us, but won't. And, it seems that they don't struggle as much as we do (no rent/mortgage,, free phones,, food allotments,, clothing allotments,, sizeable disability/SSI checks,, etc.). In all honesty, it makes us that are working feel like we are the big suckers, working everyday when we could go with the fraudulent route too.

Yes, welfare/assistance/entitlement (whatever you want to call it) is a necessary program for many people who legitimately need it. But, I seriously doubt that anyone will ever look to really clean up all the fraud. The more people that are given entitlements (legitimate or not), the more those same people will keep voting for the party/politicians that keep giving them their "free" living. It's all political power play, and it's a big part in wrecking this country's finances,, IMO.

Sad stuff.

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22 July 2014 - 05:08 PM